Is your favorite season the bright, sunny days of the summer? Or is it the glorious colorful scenes of the fall?

Growing up with cold Canadian winters, we longed for the summer months and somewhat dreaded the inevitable onset of the winter. And yet there was something cozy about cuddling indoors as the wind howled during those harsh, snowy nights.

This week we read about the matriarchs, Rachel and Leah. Based on the mystics’ descriptions, I like to compare Rachel’s life to the exhilarating season of the summer. Her life and deeds were “beautiful and shapely” both inside and outside. Her sunny, charismatic personality was adored by Jacob and by whomever she met.

On the other hand, Leah, whose name means “weary,” was originally destined to marry (and rectify) Esau. She resembles the wearying journey of the winter season, when beauty is more hidden and needs to be unearthed.

This week on Sunday and Monday, we celebrate Rosh Chodesh Kislev . Kislev is the month that has the longest, darkest nights, heralding the cold winter. Also this month, we celebrate Chanukah and the victory of light over darkness.

We can enjoy the tender warmth indoors even more when the freezing wind rages outside; and within the heavy, penetrating darkness, light shines brightest and we can learn how to appreciate our strengths better.

Wishing you an energizing month in which we can brighten the darkness of our world with the glowing lights of warmth, love, humility and happiness.

Chana Weisberg,

TJW Editor

P.S. If you were to compare your life to a season, which one would it most resemble? How?