When ”Zahava Deer” first wrote to me about her idea of starting a blog on infertility, I was honestly somewhat ambivalent. Would a blog dedicated to this topic become too depressing? Was the topic universal enough for readers to relate to? And most importantly, would she be able to maintain the interest and momentum?

My doubts, however, evaporated as I read Zahava’s sample pieces.

This week, we launch Pregnant with Hope—The Silent Journey of Infertility. The challenge of infertility is often a silent one, suffered in loneliness. This bi-weekly blog aims to help those suffering from infertility.

With her natural optimism and refreshing humor, Zahava leads us through her experiences. Her perspective on challenges is uplifting. As you read, please share with us your thoughts, allow us to encourage one another and, through sharing, lighten the burden of those trying to conceive.

But whether facing infertility or any other of life’s struggles, there is something we can each gain from Zahava’s outlook. And in doing so, Zahava helps us face our own challenges with faith, dignity, and optimism.

And hopefully, even with a smile.

Wishing you an uplifting week.

Chana Weisberg,