Dear Friend,

We are heading toward a major milestone. Sunday, the 24th day of Tevet, marks 200 years since the passing of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745–1812), founder of Chabad.

A mystic, communal activist, philosopher, halachic authority and composer—Rabbi Schneur Zalman was all of these. But above all he was a spiritual guide, who blazed a practical path by which anyone can come close to G‑d.

“The life of a righteous man, a tzaddik,” Rabbi Schneur Zalman once wrote, “is not a physical life, but a spiritual life.” Spiritual life has no demise, but is perpetuated by those who study the tzaddik’s teachings and walk in his ways, he taught. We suggest that you join a Tanya class, do an extra mitzvah, or study some Torah in his honor, and Rabbi Schneur Zalman will live on through your deeds.

For the past six months or so, our staff have been preparing for this milestone. We have created a mini-site—replete with videos, stories, articles and music—to share the life, works and teachings of this great man. We invite you to browse through it, learn, ponder, discover and enjoy.

Eli Rubin,
on behalf of the Editorial Team