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Jewish Art for the Soul

Entering the Promised Land

June 23, 2019

After 40 years of wandering, the people of Israel are finally entering the Promised Land! The Judaean hills, covered in ancient goat-trails, provided the cue for the horizontal stripes which I’ve used to represent this in graphic form. The composition is very circular, with the rounded forms reflecting the circuitous route through the desert. I particularly enjoyed showing the old broken walls of previous civilizations, suggesting that today’s civilization always sits on the shoulders of history.

Pomegranate Tree of Life

June 19, 2019

Shavuot Flowers

June 5, 2019

Artist Rendition: The Giving of the Torah

June 2, 2019

Artist's rendition of the giving of the Torah.

Creative works exploring life and Judaism composed by a spectrum of Jewish artists.

"The primary talent of an artist is his ability to step away from the externalities of the thing and, disregarding its outer form, gaze into its innerness and perceive its essence, and to be able to convey this in his painting.This is how an artist can serve his Creator." — The Rebbe

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