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Jewish Art for the Soul

Artist Rendition: Receiving the 10 Commandments

May 29, 2019
Illustration by Cindy Kornet Lutz
Illustration by Cindy Kornet Lutz

Many souls watch on as G‑d reveals Himself to give the 10 Commandments to the Jewish people.

Pre-Shabbat Frolic

May 22, 2019

I created this piece in honor of my good friend’s 80th birthday. She is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and arrived in America in 1997. Though she has been through so many trials and tribulations, she continues to find purpose in life through helping others. Our bond was immediate and we enjoy preparing Shabbat together every Friday morning. She makes some of her famous Russian delicacies, and my family gets to partake in the food that she so lovingly prepares. While we prepare, we dance, sing, share stories, and laugh a lot! I love her dearly and was happy to present her with this painting which represents our precious friendship.

“If Water Smoothes a Stone…”

May 22, 2019
Rabbi Akiva and his wife, Rachel. Art by Chanie Chanin.
Rabbi Akiva and his wife, Rachel. Art by Chanie Chanin.

Akiva, a simple shepherd, passed a brook while caring for his father-in-law’s sheep. He noticed a hole forming in the stone where the water persistently dripped. He thought to himself, if soft water can penetrate hard stone, perhaps it is not too late for Torah to penetrate my heart, even at 40 years old… With his wife Rachel’s encouragement, he went to yeshiva and became the greatest scholar of his time.

Light Dispels Darkness

May 19, 2019

We all stand with Chabad of Poway.

The Power of Prayer

May 15, 2019

Prayer is one of the main expressions of faith in G‑d.

Precious Only Child

Chassidus teaches us that each of us is a precious only child to G‑d, our Creator. As we travel along the journey of life, His light and love is always shining upon and embracing us.

Community Torah Dedication

May 1, 2019

A painting of the community Torah dedication at Chabad of Arlington-Alexandria in Virginia, after a photo by Max Taylor, with permission.

Creative works exploring life and Judaism composed by a spectrum of Jewish artists.

"The primary talent of an artist is his ability to step away from the externalities of the thing and, disregarding its outer form, gaze into its innerness and perceive its essence, and to be able to convey this in his painting.This is how an artist can serve his Creator." — The Rebbe

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