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Jewish Art for the Soul

Chanukah: Festival of Lights

November 28, 2018
Art by Valeriya Khomar
Art by Valeriya Khomar

This painting represents Chanukah, the holiday of joy, celebration of the festival of lights.

Radient Shabbat Candles

November 25, 2018

Flames of the Shabbat candles explode into radiant colors and hues, illuminating the world with kindness and beauty!

Rachel Awaits Her Children

November 21, 2018

Rachel’s Tomb one of the most spiritual place I have ever been. Rachel, our biblical mother who wept because see foresaw the exile of her children. It is foretold that she will see and rejoice in the ingathering of the exile that will pass her tomb. I painted her waiting for her children to return.

Eternally Bonded with G-d

November 18, 2018

We have within ourselves, deep in our DNA, an eternal unified bond with G‑d. Like a tree receiving life force, not from the earth, but from its unified source in heaven.

Gan Naama Birthday Party

November 14, 2018
Art by Cheryl Veiner
Art by Cheryl Veiner

This watercolor is presently part of an exhibit in Ranana Israel, celebrating 70 years of childhood in Israel.

Shabbat Evening Candle-Lighting

November 11, 2018

A mother and daughter cover their eyes and say the blessing after lighting the Shabbat candles. They are bathed in candlelight, a symbol of spiritual light, the light of Shabbat. The doves, symbolizing peace, look on.

Shabbat: A Spiritual Moment

November 7, 2018
Art by Heidi Feldman
Art by Heidi Feldman

Shabbat is a spiritual moment to celebrate and share happiness with our family and friends. Every candle that is lit is part of a chain that connects us and brings G‑dliness into this world. The Shabbat holiness is so strong that we can keep that sensation through the following week until the next Shabbat.

Fourth Day of Creation: Artist's Rendition

November 4, 2018

Artist’s rendition of the fourth day of creation.

Creative works exploring life and Judaism composed by a spectrum of Jewish artists.

"The primary talent of an artist is his ability to step away from the externalities of the thing and, disregarding its outer form, gaze into its innerness and perceive its essence, and to be able to convey this in his painting.This is how an artist can serve his Creator." — The Rebbe

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