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Kids Connect Blog

Kids Connect Blog

What It Felt Like to be Bullied

July 15, 2013
Here's a picture I drew of what happened
Here's a picture I drew of what happened

Hi, this is Chaya Sara again. I want to tell you about something that happened to me that you might want to take seriously. It all began during recess, when I was eating my snack. All of a sudden, I heard a girl in the class say, “Chaya Sara thinks she is the coolest and the best!” Those words really hurt me. I hope no one ever hurts you like that. At that very moment I sad to myself, “I’m never going to hurt anyone like the girl hurt me.”

Learning from my Eraser Collection

July 11, 2013
Some of my Eraser Collection
Some of my Eraser Collection

Hi, my name is Chaya Sara. I live in Brooklyn, and I own a very small eraser collection. My eraser collection helps me remember that money never stays with a person, but only his or her good deeds. Just as I sometimes loose some of the pieces of my erasers, people can loose their money. And of course, my eraser collection won't stay with me forever. I earn my erasers by learning nicely.

I Teach Torah in Hot Weather!

July 8, 2013

Hi my name is Mushka. I am six and a half years old. I live in Cancun, Mexico. I love learning Torah and teaching people. Some people think that in Cancun it is too hot to teach Torah, but I teach people Torah anyway. I go to school in a very cool place: I go to school on the computer. I talk to my teachers and friends in an online classroom every day. It's really fun doing school on the computer because it is very cool.

My Bar Mitzvah in Texas

July 1, 2013

My name is Daniel, and I live in Texas. I really like this website, especially the Joey comics. My mitzvah this week is going with my dad to synagogue so I can learn more about the Torah and talk to the Rabbi about getting ready for my Bar Mitzvah.

I would love to hear from other boys my age who are getting ready for their Bar Mitzvah or who had their Bar Mitzvah already.