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New Stick Figure Cartoons

July 31, 2012 3:40 PM

About four years ago I took a break from The Itche Kadoozy Show to work on a new project called Stick Figure Vignettes. Besides giving me a chance to move back to animation after a few years of puppetry, what I was really excited about was the more personal nature of these cartoons.

See, for years stick figures have lived in my sketchbooks, filling the pages with bizarre, wordless scenes that I myself couldn’t completely explain. What I loved about them was their ability to express so much with their little stick bodies and dot eyes. When I started to think about what I wanted out of a new series, those stick figures came back to me. What I wanted was a piece that presented an actual quote from real Jewish sources, but at the same time allowed that idea to be explored in a complex and limitless manner. A tall order, right? The answer—make a cartoon I didn’t completely understand.

Each Stick Figure Vignette is based on a specific quote, and conveys in some way some thought or personal insight or unique way of looking at that idea. But there are always elements in each one that I can’t completely explain. And the result has been some wonderful discussions in the comments. People tell me my cartoons mean something different from what I thought, and they could be right. The only one who knows for sure is the little stick person in the cartoon, and he’s not telling.

After 11 episodes, it got too hard for me to write them, and I got involved in another project. Over the years people have asked me when I’m doing more, and I didn’t have an answer. Luckily for them, my editor had an answer. He asked me to start making them again. So I enlisted the help of a good friend and talented writer, DovBer Naiditch, and together we are making strange new cartoons for you to watch, think about and discuss. The first one is called The Warehouse, and I like it a lot. Go watch it and make some noise in the comments.

And for all of you who have been part of the Stick Figure discussions in the past, thank you for giving me things to think about, and keep it up.

Dovid Taub,
director of strange cartoons and puppet shows

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Check Out the All-New Chabad.org

July 19, 2012

By the Grace of G‑d

Dear Friend,

As a regular subscriber to Chabad.org, we wanted to share with you some exciting news.

During the past couple of years our team has been laboring to build the all-new Chabad.org website to significantly improve the experience you have come to rely on.

We’ve invested thousands of hours of programming, design and testing to effect this transformation, leaving no stone unturned.

In order to give you quicker and easier access to the information you and so many others across the globe desire, we’ve completely revamped the informational structure of the site, and we revised its layout to give you a more pleasant and intuitive experience.

We are thus very proud to announce that the all-new Chabad.org, the world’s largest Jewish website, reinvented with you in mind, is now open to all!

We’d like to invite you to come in and visit this all-new tool for Jewish learning and living and check out the new features designed especially for you.

Click here to access the all-new Chabad.org.

Needless to say, we’d love to hear your feedback! Please click here to contact us and share your thoughts with us. We will do our best to incorporate as many of the ideas we receive from you as we possibly can.

We wish you a healthy and productive summer, both materially and spiritually.


The Chabad.org Team

P.S. We are currently in the period of time known in Judaism as “the Three Weeks,” when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and pray for a world transformed (click here for more information). It is our sincere hope and prayer that the dissemination of the G‑dly wisdom found in His Torah will hasten the time of ultimate good, with the coming of our righteous Moshiach, when “the earth would be filled with knowledge of G‑d, as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:6-9)

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