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11 Amazing Tools to Make Your Passover Even Better

March 29, 2017 1:40 PM

The holiday of Passover begins the evening of Monday, April 10.

To help prepare for it, we’ve gathered 10 amazing tools on Chabad.org that will help you celebrate—be it at home, with family or on the road!

Find a Seder, No Matter Where You Are

From Kansas to Kenya, no matter where you may be this Passover, you can find a seder near you.

Learn more: chabad.org/seder

Chametz Begone

During Passover, Jews are forbidden from owning or possessing any chametz, leavened foods These products are sold to a non-Jew for the duration of the holiday. Thanks to the chametz selling tool, chametz both at home and on the road can be sold with ease.

Learn more: chabad.org/chametz

Check the List

Double check everything you'll need to pull of a Passover - be it abroad or at home - with this handy list.

Learn more: www.chabad.org/664275

Get Your Own Matzah Delivered!

Traditional handmade shmurah matzah is recommended for Seder use. With Chabad.org’s handy service, have matzah delivered wherever you are.

Learn more: chabad.org/265986

Master the 'Mah Nishtana'

Why should this Seder be different from every other Seder? Don’t get caught unprepared; practice the four questions of the “Mah Nishtanah” with our interactive trainer.

Learn More: chabad.org/2481410

Recipes for Easy Kosher-for-Passover Foods

Make a delicious seder and tasty meals the entire holiday with our complete guide to kosher-for-Passover recipes.

Learn more: chabad.org/856603

Brush Up on Passover in Any Language

Take advantage of Passover articles, videos and guides in nine foreign languages on our site!

Learn More: chabad.org/109896

Forgot Your Haggadah? Print It Out!

Even if you left your Haggadah at home, Chabad.org has you covered. Choose from our selection of print-ready Haggadahs online.

Learn More: chabad.org/2538665

Bring the Light

The holiday of Passover, like Shabbat, is ushered in with the lighting of candles. Find out candle-lighting times around the world with Chabad.org’s candle-lighting times app.

Learn More: chabad.org/candles

Videos for People Big and Small

Road trips and flights before the holiday can be maddeningly long. Enter Chabad.org’s Jewish.tv and Jewish Kids video apps. With hours of Passover content (and beyond), they are sure to entertain and inform the entire family.

Learn more: chabad.org/2452164 and chabad.org/2190115

When Can I Eat Bread Again?

After Passover ends, we wait an hour for the rabbi to buy back the chametz. When does the holiday end?

Find holiday conclusion times around the world with Chabad.org’s halachic time calendar.

Learn more: chabad.org/143790

From Abuja to Zhitomir and Everywhere in Between

March 28, 2017 1:30 PM

Dear Friend,

Abuja, Nigeria; Albuquerque, N.M.; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Athens, Greece; Auckland, New Zealand. So reads the first line of the pages-long list of destinations where Chabad’s young and energetic “Roving Rabbis” will be spending Passover.

Sure, they’d savor the Seder at home, relishing Mom’s chicken soup and Bubby’s apple compote. But there are Jews waiting for them all over the world, and they consider it an honor and a pleasure to do what they can to help their fellow Jews celebrate Passover.

You don’t have to look far to find Jews who would like a seat at the Seder table. Some friendly Facebooks posts, resourceful phone calls and old-fashioned supermarket chats are sure to expand your guest list.

And if you yourself are in need of a place, don’t be a stranger. Contact your closest Chabad center and let them know. They’re waiting for your call.

Wishing you a kosher and joyous Passover!

The Chabad.org Editorial Team
P.S.: In case you were wondering, the final destinations on the list are Vilnius, Lithuania; Wailuku, Hawaii; and Zaporozhe and Zhitomir, Ukraine.

Ready, Set, Passover!

March 21, 2017 10:25 AM

Dear Friend,

Vacuum cleaners are whirring, Jews are out shopping en masse, and matzah is flying off the shelves faster than hot cakes (perhaps they are the original hot cakes?).

At Chabad.org, we began our Passover prep months ago. In fact, it was just after Chanukah that we took careful inventory of our Passover content and presentations, and made a plan of things to add, tweak and improve.

We revamped the Passover site, gave it a mobile-friendly layout, and added new “what is” and “how to” guides, and other goodies. Why don’t you jump into the driver’s seat, give the Passover site a whirl and let us know what you think?

Happy pre-Passover from your friends at the Chabad.org Editorial Team!

Did You Notice Anything Different?

March 14, 2017 5:19 PM

Dear Friend,

Chances are that you are reading this message on your smartphone. A decade ago, you might have been viewing it on your desktop computer, possibly even in Internet Explorer. As the way online content is delivered changes, so must the way we display it.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed the layout of this email. We’ve given each item a larger image, removed a lot of the clutter, and most importantly, optimized it to fit on your device.

Our design and development teams worked hard to give you the best reading experience, and we’re pleased with the results. Feel free to share your impressions (both compliments and critiques) with us so that we can continue to tweak and perfect our communications with you.

Thanks in advance,

The Chabad.org Editorial Team

On-Demand Joy

March 5, 2017 2:21 PM

Dear Friend,

Purim is coming! The most joyous day on the Jewish calendar falls on Saturday night, March 11, and Sunday, March 12. On this day, we celebrate the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people from the wicked Haman and are enjoined, among other things, to be happy. Visit any Jewish community on Purim and you will notice children and adults dressed up in costumes or festive clothing, smiling, dancing and celebrating.

But what if you don’t feel like being happy? What if you’re just not in the mood? In His wisdom, G‑d gave us a great gift. The antidote to unhappiness is reaching out to others and helping them. Putting yourself aside, even for a few moments, in order to help someone else, provides a feeling of contentment and happiness and helps change your mindset and feelings for the better.

Not surprisingly, two of the four Purim observances involve helping others. One is mishloach manot, giving gifts of at least two ready-to-eat foods to a minimum of one person, and the other is matanot laevyonim, giving money to at least two needy people.

So if you don’t feel like being happy, put yourself aside, think of someone else and make their day.

Happy Purim!

Chani Benjaminson
on behalf of the Chabad.org Editorial Team

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