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October 14, 2021

“Once, in his first years as Rebbe, the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of the Chabad Movement, declared in public: ‘We must live with the times.’

“Through his brother, Rabbi Yehudah Leib, the elders of the Chassidic community discovered the Rebbe’s intent: ‘We must live with the Torah portion of the week and, more specifically, of the current day. It is not enough to study [a segment of] the weekly Torah portion every day; we must live with it.’

Bereishis is a happy parshah, even though its conclusion is not so pleasant. Noach is [the parshah of] the Flood, but the end of the week is cheerful: our Patriarch Avraham is born.

“The really joyful week is Lech Lecha for throughout that entire week we live with Avraham, who was the first to utterly devote his life to proclaiming G‑d’s existence in the world. And this ‘mesirus nefesh,’ self-sacrifice, he bequeathed as an inheritance to all Jews.”

Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 2 & 3

Are you ready to live with Abraham every week? With the start of the new cycle of reading the Torah, now is an excellent time to up-your Torah study game.

Our Daily Study app, available on Apple and Android, is here to help.

One of the most popular Jewish apps,’s Daily Study, this app first released in 2014, has recently been rebuilt from the ground up to add a new dimension of daily Torah study to your life.

Explore timeless classics in Hebrew and English, including Judaica Press’s lucid translation of Chumash with Rashi, Psalms, Tanya (in anewly remastered format), Hayom Yom in original English renditions from Kehot Publication Society, the works of Maimonides as divided for the one-chapter and three-chapter cycles of study with Moznaim’s groundbreaking translation of Maimonides’ magnum opus and Sichos in English’s rendition of the daily mitzvah.

Each day, each daily study track is refreshed on the app, allowing the user to select from relevant text for daily study. The app plays to the diverse study needs of the public. Users can choose from audio lectures of multiple acclaimed teachers, including Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon and Rabbi Manis Friedman, and adjust the playback speed to ease study, as well as make it more accessible to the blind.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and get studying!

7 Things to Do When Your Social App of Choice Is Down

October 4, 2021

Today Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp all experienced problems, making them difficult (or impossible) to use.

Here are seven things you can do while social media is down.

Learn Torah the Old Fashioned Way

(Credit: Giphy)
(Credit: Giphy)

One of the Rebbe’s mitzvah campaigns is to have a “home full of books.” While today one might think of fulfilling it with a kindle full of books, there are times that a kindle won’t cut it… this is one of them. So while the web is is down, open a Torah book! You will be glad you did: They’re always accessible, Shabbat friendly, and ready to explore in your personal or local Jewish library.

Do a Mitzvah

Your favorite social network is down? Go outside and help someone. Take a few coins, put them in a charity box.

Take a Walk outside

(Credit: Giphy)
(Credit: Giphy)

Put the phone in your pocket and look at the world without a photo-filter. Our sages teach that the greatness of G‑d can be seen in the majesty of the world.

Make a blessing

Take an apple from the fridge or grab a bottle of seltzer. Take a moment to enjoy a kosher snack - just be sure to thank the One who made it.

Dance for Joy

In the scheme of things, that hot new app not loading remains very firmly a “first world problem.” Celebrate the fact that right now, you are able to do so much good in the world.

Reload That Website

We don’t recommend obsessively refreshing your browser to see if Isitdownrightnow is itself up or down. Our rabbis teach, “think good and it will be good.” Just relax.

Log on to

While much of the Internet went down, is up and ready to inspire. Explore the Torah portion or enjoy a class on Talmud from

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