While most people don’t think of the day after Passover as the best sales of the year, when you have a child with celiac disease, there is nothing like hitting the grocery stores now that Passover is over to find all those gluten-free products at almost 75% off. After all, while a mere week ago the cost of matzah was comparable to the cost of gold, today it is practically worthless.

Being ready, able and willing to move forward at the right time is the key

There is a message and lesson in this that is particularly applicable to my life right now. Judaism teaches us that it isn’t just about doing or saying the right thing, but that timing is essential. As I think about my Shabbat cooking and find challahs in my freezer that we will be eating, just days ago these challahs would have constituted an enormous problem. Then, the mitzvah was eating matzah. But this Shabbat, it is challah. And in a few more months, come Yom Kippur, the mitzvah will be refraining from both.

Knowing what, when, where and how to do what we need to do can be tricky. And we might discover that what worked and was needed at one point in our life no longer applies. Being ready, able and willing to move forward at the right time is the key.

So, with that, the time has come to inform all you amazing and supportive readers that this is my last blog post for Musing for Meaning. After an incredibly fulfilling ten years with Chabad.org, I am blessed to begin a new position as the Director of Communications for the Chabad on Campus International Foundation, and I am so excited to explore this new avenue.

The hardest part for me about moving on is realizing that I won’t have the same relationship anymore with all of you. I cannot begin to tell you how much your comments and feedback have meant to me, and the inspiration you have given me in learning that my experience or words touched your life.

I look forward to connecting again in the future

There is the concept that chassidim don’t say goodbye. It is never goodbye, never final. And so, I look forward to connecting again in the future. Until then, I want to thank you for all you have given me. I feel blessed to have been able to share my life with readers who handled it with care!

Sara Esther