We all think we know why we do things.

We drive cars to get from point A to point B, we drink coffee to get some caffeine in our system, we go to the barber shop to get a haircut, and we go to the grocery to buy groceries.

Well, that’s what we thought last Thursday morning when we ran out of minutes on our pay-as-you-go Jamaican cell phone. We had to go to the store to get a refill card, and that’s exactly what we did. But that’s not why we went to the supermarket.

You see, as we were walking around looking out for some essentials, a man approached us. A conversation ensued. Here is a rough transcript:

Our new friend: Hi.

Us: Hi, how are you?

ONF: Fine thank you. What brings you guys to the island?

Us: We came to visit the local Jewish community.

ONF: Oh, nice! I know many Jews here… I actually come from Jews myself, but I’m not Jewish.

Us: Really? Wow! Nice! Was your father Jewish, or was it your mother that was a Jew?

ONF: Neither. My great-grandmother.

Us: From which side?

ONF: My grandmother.

Us: Whose mother?

ONF: My mother.

Us: Well then, let me share with you some news: You are a Jew.

ONF (with a hint of confusion on his face): No, I’m not.

Us: You sure are. If your mother’s mother’s mother was a Jew, then you are 100 percent Jewish. As Jewish as Moses and Sandy Koufax.

ONF: I see . . . That’s interesting . . . Okay, guys, have a nice day. Nice meeting you.

Us: Umm, not so quickly. In fact, you are the reason we came to the supermarket!

ONF (puzzled): Really?! But . . . you didn’t even know I existed?!

At Earl’s home
At Earl’s home

Two days later, after a warm schmooze over some very cold water, we celebrated Earl’s bar mitzvah at his home! It was a very emotional moment.

So remind me, why did we go to the supermarket?

Daddy putting on tefillin is a family experience.
Daddy putting on tefillin is a family experience.