As dedicated Roving Rabbis we continuously look out for Jewish people and see how we could be of assistance for anything Jewish they need. Throughout our journeys we have had many inspirational episodes. Here is one of our most amazing experiences:

When we came to the city of Payson we did our regular thing, meeting the Jewish people scattered throughout the city. The way it usually works is that you meet one Jew and that one knows another etc. After meeting a few Jewish families, we understood that there aren’t any Jewish social events to bring the Jewish people together. People asked us, "There are actually other Jewish people living here in Payson!?" They were shocked to hear how many Jewish people we had come across.

Then we met Nancy and Ike Feiges, and they had the greatest idea, "Why don't we gather all the Jews so that we can get to know each other!" they exclaimed. We sprang into action, notifying as many people as we could that on Sunday we will be having a Jewish gathering at the Miller residence in Payson.

it was an unforgettable experience. The gathering was a grand success. We started off with everyone introducing themselves, sang the traditional songs, had a kosher buffet, toasted l'chaim, shared stories, and so on. When we sang the Yiddish classic, "My Yiddishe Mama," there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Everyone left their contact information so that they could have a Jewish social group, which would get together every so often (hopefully once a month).

The event was really beautiful, it lasted about 2 hours. After the event was over, the men put on tefillin, the woman, who had learned about the mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles, practiced the blessing so that they will be all ready when Friday night comes. Many left saying that this gathering was so meaningful and it really brought out a sense of Jewish pride. One lady came over to us after the event, and said, "I really feel proud to be Jewish being here. Although, since I have moved to Payson, a year and a half ago, I haven't put up a mezuzah, I think now is the perfect time. Can you please come over to my house later tonight and help me put one put up?"

After everyone had left, we thanked the Millers, and off we set to put up the mezuzah. When we entered the home, our hostess was ready with her hammer and nails. We discussed the specialness of the mezuzah, said the blessing and put it up on her door.

When we sat down, she shared her story, "I used to live in Phoenix, where I was part of a Jewish community. Ever since I had left, I felt a bit alone, not being with anyone else Jewish. I would always say to myself that the only thing missing here in Payson is a circle of Jewish friends. I thank you for bringing the Jews of Payson together. Now I can say that I have plenty of Jewish friends."

Our post-mezuzah discussion.
Our post-mezuzah discussion.