Over the last few days, many of our friends and readers have suffered major financial losses due to the U.S. budget crisis. We are thinking of you and pray that this should be just a short, temporary dip.

In just a few hours we’ll begin the Fast of the Ninth of Av, the day marking the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples in Jerusalem. Historically, this period portends a very sad time for us as Jews.

But the second half of this Hebrew month of Av is laced with optimism and rebirth.

The Chassidic adage tells us, “To go up, you’ve got to first crouch down.” May this economic downturn, too, be just another springboard along the way to a yet healthier economy.

“Think good and it will be good,” is another one of those adages. It also makes for good business. America, trust in G‑d. And trust that just as G‑d has blessed America until now, so He will continue to bless us, along with all nations that stand for a just society and protection of human dignity.

Let us be strong together! Good times will surely come!

Wishing you an easy fast,

The Chabad.org Editorial Team

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