Those were the words a father said to us as at the Model Matzah bakery we had arranged. He wasn’t just referring to the Matzah the children had made. The Jewish community in Destin, FL, has been gathering on their own, holding services in a storefront without a Rabbi. They were thrilled that we had arrived to revitalize them in time for the holiday of Passover.

After only a couple of phone calls, we had a roomful of children, and their parents, eagerly involved in the process of making Matzah, singing Jewish songs as they worked. The parents were so grateful that their children had the opportunity to experience Judaism hands-on, especially in a place where Jewish education is not (yet) available. In addition to their homemade Matzah, we distributed Shmurah Matzah to every child, instructing them to save it for their Seder.

Needless to say, we were happy to see many of the same smiling faces at our Seder, held both nights of Passover at the Wingate Hotel.