As we get closer to Passover, we’re making our way around the Florida Panhandle in search of Jewish people who may need a place for the seder, a box of matzah or a listening ear.

Already, we’ve seen much success, and people are very glad to meet and chat with us. This area is filled with Israeli and Moroccan immigrants, many of whom are searching to “rekindle the spark” and enjoy the Passover experience they had as children.

One of the Israelis we met initially showed skepticism and refused to put on Tefillin. Well, after we spoke for an hour and a half, sharing many inspirational thoughts with each other, we quickly became friends. Here he is pictured wearing Tefillin proudly.

We have many other stories to share, but we’ll save those for when things calm down a bit and we have time to write them. For now, enjoy the pictures, and let us know if you know of any Jews in the area who could benefit from a visit, some Matzah, or phone call.

Two doctors, who enjoyed a pre Passover chat, and are grateful for the Matzah we shared.