After a long, tiring day of searching for Jewish people on the White Rock coast, we met a Jewish man named Stu, who was delighted to meet us!

He had been raised as a Catholic. Only a few months before his mother's death did she reveal to him that he was really a Jewish man and that she had kept it a secret from him because she was scared of anti-Semitism. Interested in his heritage, Stu ended up getting involved with a "messianic synagogue" in Vancouver. We spoke to him at length about not depriving himself of his genuine heritage.

He was very inspired by the shofar, which we blew right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. We told him about the message of the shofar and how vital it is to heed its call to return to G‑d.

After donning tefillin and reciting the Shema for the first time in his life, Stu decided that he was going to put up a mezuzah on his door. He invited us to drop by his place tomorrow with a mezuzah and help him install it.

Regards from Surrey,

Roving Rabbis Yosef Schtroks and Yaakov Kotlarsky

Giving a Torah class in Surrey.
Giving a Torah class in Surrey.