When we were first told that we would be spending our summer in Trinity, FL, we thought it was a joke. After all, how many Jews could there be in a place with a name like that? It would be like searching for sea lions in the Sahara desert!

And the truth is that once we arrived, things did not look much more promising. People kept on telling us, "Y'all gotta know, this is the Bible Belt. There ain't no Jews around here."

But we've discovered that nothing can be further from the truth. As our first week comes to a close, we have discovered close to 50 Jewish people here, and we believe that there are many more whom we will meet in the next few weeks. People—Jews and non-Jews—have been welcoming and kind. Some of the Jews we met in their homes, and we found others in their businesses, and they are Jewish and they live in Trinity.

Shabbat Shalom!