Yossi Melamed reviews one of his preserved negatives.
Yossi Melamed reviews one of his preserved negatives.
Binyomin Dubroff joined me in my visit to the apartment of Yossi Melamed, a veteran photographer. I was going to interview Yossi, and Binyomin's close friendship with the photographer would hopefully make the interview more comfortable.

We sat in Yossi's small dining room and I watched in wonder as Yossi flipped through albums and gazed at negatives, smoking as he reminisced about the events his photos chronicled. Listening to what Yossi had to say was an experience in itself; most importantly, however, Yossi gave me several rolls of film to scan and share with the public.

His pictures – a veritable treasure that documents the history of the Jewish community for close to three decades – are carefully stored and dated.

(Yossi never used a digital camera, and he was shocked at how many pictures I was taking, considering how careful he was with every picture he took with his film camera—when every click cost money!)

I have already begun working on several accounts based on the events in Yossi's pictures—stay tuned.

Meanwhile, however, here is a short video clip from my visit to his home, wherein he speaks about one of the events he photographed: A group of wounded Israelis that visited the Rebbe.

I also present several samples of Yossi's pictures, to give you an idea of the difference between the images I already had, and the ones I scanned from the negatives Yossi now gave me.

Sample 1:

Sample 2: