In honor of the Rebbe, of righteous memory's, anniversary of passing, we present a translation of a fascinating and emotionally intense Chassidic discourse (known as a maamar) that the Rebbe delivered in 1952.

The translation is primarily geared for those more advanced in their Hebrew skills, as many Hebrew words are interspersed in the English text. With some effort exerted, however, I believe that anyone studying it will enhance his or her understanding of our purpose on this world and how to strive to better serve G‑d.

Here is an excerpt from the diary of Zvi Hirsch Gansbourg (Portrait of a Chassid p. 94), describing the atmosphere during the recital of the maamar:

Last Shabbat,the Rebbe left his room at 12:35 pm and entered the study hall… taking his place at the head of the table which is positioned on the south-west side of the room….

When the Rebbe's [unexpected] entry was noticed, his chair was brought for him…. After several moments, he began delivering a discourse entitled Lo Sih'yeh Meshakeilah.(As is usually the case before he delivers a discourse,the Rebbe's deep and intense feelings were plainly noticeable, his face ashen white….)

The discourse lasted 55 minutes. While delivering it, the Rebbe cried very much. On several occasions, he could not restrain himself and cried audibly.

At one point in the maamar, the Rebbe explained: "It is written in Psalms: 'I shall fill the number of your days.' G‑d grants every person a fixed number of days to complete his Divine service…. This applies not only to the days; even the hours and minutes are accounted for and a person must perform the Divine service necessary, using every moment to the fullest. This point should constantly be gnawing at a person; he should feel under strain and under pressure, contemplating what he could be doing to use this moment fully."

When the Rebbe spoke these words, we could see that he was living them, that they were spoken from the depths of his holy heart. The Rebbe could not continue speaking. He leaned his head on his right hand and broke down crying for several long moments.

It is impossible for a pen to capture those moments. I ask G‑d to allow that picture to remain in my mind for my entire life.

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The discourse was translated by the Sichos in English team and is presented courtesy of their kindness.