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Video: Mindsets

Changing the way we think about children with special needs

April 21, 2010

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Me May 15, 2022

Just. Wow Reply

maria scholnick Rio Rico Arizona May 25, 2014

This video says it all what our children with special needs and their community could do to make one. Our children in our society are not being taught this way, it is very sad. I have a support group in my community which does not include children with special needs. I would love to start a program like yours. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny/usa February 20, 2012

school I didnt realize that this school was about special needs thats fabulous my Granddaughter has mild PDD.Wonderful to read such colorful descriptions of a school in a positive light that is so refreshing!SheinaBlanker Reply

Rachel Longmont, CO via March 12, 2010

Thank you I am a mom of two children with autism. Thank you for the hope you gave me today! Reply

Jen Halpern Randolph, NJ via March 10, 2010

Beautiful! Loved the video and it truly reflects your mission. Reply

Anonymous Burlington, VT March 9, 2010

Very Well Done I am an inclusion specialist in public schools - this is a video I will share with parents and staff. Thank you for putting it together. Reply

esther Brooklyn, ny March 9, 2010

Brilliant Brilliant concept. Very powerful, moving video. Frienship Circle deserves nothing less. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY March 9, 2010

Amazing Video I absolutely love this video, it brings me to tears while I watch it over and over. Keep up the good work you do! Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, AU March 5, 2010

Wow I really love this video, so powerful and emotional Reply

Friendship Circle is today's fastest growing Jewish organization for children with special needs. With over 76 locations worldwide Friendship Circle has cultivated friendships between 5,000 special children and close to 11,000 teen volunteers.

The unique vision of the Rebbe that "none of us are complete unless all of us are included" provides our motivation to bridge the gap between families of children with special needs and the general community while providing today’s teens with a productive and enjoyable focus.

Window To Our World, presented by Friendship Circle International, will share with you the inside perspective of special children, their families, volunteers, community members and Friendship Circle coordinators who bring them together.

For more information, please visit the Friendship Circle website.

Click here for an insightful video about special needs children.

Moderated by Rochel Groner, Friendship Circle International
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