They've done it again. The shallow, crass media which dominates in our shallow, crass society are inundating us with their "end of the decade" round-ups. Browsing the web today I stumbled across "The Decade's Top Mugshots" featuring – you guessed it – mugshots of all the rich and famous arrested in the 00's. Next I was steered to a page titled "Top Ten Mistakes of the Decade," the copywriter's glee at others' missteps plain as day.

How typical and predictable. Highlight the negative in society, pander to your audience's basest instincts. Why bother using your talents and your platform to improve humanity's lot, when you can just sell your pop-up ads the easy way?

This blog, on the other hand, will be a shining example of how things should be. We will only focus on positive events and phenomena; we will relentlessly pursue the core of goodness within everyone and everything. We will combat negativity by shining light, not by focusing on what's wrong!

One second. Let me just re-read this blog post...