Every year, Chabad of Southern Ontario coordinates a spectacular outdoor fireworks show, as part of the festivities for the intermediate days of Sukkot. This year was no different, and a few weeks ago, it was a treat for me to watch.

Hypnotized by the dazzling display of colors and lights against the backdrop of the dark evening horizon, here's what I observed:

1) One flame fired from down here on earth created a huge explosion of light up above.

2) Some firecrackers exploded vertically in a huge single line of fire. Others expanded horizontally across the entire skyline, while others created new offshoot explosions even after they had erupted in the sky. But in every instance, one small act of light set off a chain reaction to a spectacular succession of magnificence.

3) Some of the firecrackers made loud swooshing noises as they exploded. Others were virtually silent. The firecrackers that crackled the loudest didn't necessarily produce the brightest results. Some of the most impressionable effects originated from the quietest firecrackers.

4) No matter how brilliant, bright or beautiful each of the lights sparkled, eventually each grew dim and finally died down. None lasted forever. The point was to enjoy, appreciate and value the beauty of the moment.

5) Each exhibit of light was exquisite in its own right, but the glory of the presentation was how all the lights came together in stunning harmony.

The more I reflected on the fireworks, the more I thought about the commonalities they share with our own lives.

Can you think of any other similarities?