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Resilience is definitely increasing.
We emerged from darkness to an unfamiliar light.
We pay special attention to the kitchen, because (a) that’s where most of our chametz hangs out during the year, and (b) we will be using our kitchens to prepare our Passover food . . .
The Magazine
Grandma had always been one of the strongest people that I knew…
Stories of Return
I followed along in my prayer book on high alert for the arrival of the inspiration that was surely imminent. Maybe on the next page?

Dear Readers,

Have you ever wondered why we focus so much on children on Passover?

Every parent-child relationship (in normal circumstances) is filled with an outpouring of unbreakable love. But there is something extra-special about a parent’s relationship with a very young child or infant.

Watch a parent lovingly caress their newborn, waking up at all hours of the night to tend...

Being a slave to an abusive relationship, work, desires, or even our own delusions is a painful place to be. We can feel a real sense of bondage, even though we may not be building pyramids in Egypt.
— How to Be Free
Handy Household Hacks
Don’t Overfill Washing Machines

Overfilling your washing machine will result in your clothing not getting as clean as possible. Fill your machine to around the three-quarters mark, rather than trying to stuff it full.

For Your Child

The best gift you can give your child is a good example.

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