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Rosh Chodesh
The month of Tammuz aligns with the beginning of the summer, and that’s where we find ourselves right now—at the start of a month that is physically warm in temperature and also warm in spirituality...
3 Tammuz
It is the third of Tammuz, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing, and I find myself reflecting on the meaning of the day, desperately searching for answers to questions that still remain...
Since the Jewish people is like one body with one soul, when we overreact and attack someone else, we are actually hurting ourselves.
The Magazine
I am sometimes that hurt, frustrated, angry child. And so are you.
Meet Luiz Fernando and Amanda Chimanovitch: Though they don't consider themselves "religious", this couple wants to share the beauty of the mitzvah of mikvah.
Dear Rachel
What about the things that you achieved that weren’t on your list?
Golden crepes stuffed a creamy sweet cheese filling

Dear Reader,

There’s the water that I drink in my wake-me-up, heavily caffeinated morning mug of hot coffee. There’s the water that creates my banish-all-sickness, nourishing chicken soup. There’s the water in the refreshing store-bought sorbet in my freezer. And there’s the water in my washing machine cleaning my soiled laundry.

So many different shapes, forms, flavors, and usages, but...

Handy Household Hacks
Cola for Cleaning

Clean your toilet using cola. Pour in a can and leave for 30 minutes. Flush, and your toilet bowl will be sparkling clean.


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