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How does the soul free itself from its desert state?
Sometimes our mistake has devastating consequences.
Deed vs. creed. Action is what matters.
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We don’t have to be anyone special to have a sacred task.
Rabbi Benny Zippel and Chaim Andruiser discuss how Project Heart helps at risk youth see theselves as the true gems that they are.

Dear Readers,

Sheryl and her husband Larry were at variance as far as how to handle their young son, Michael.

Whenever Michael misbehaved, Larry would explain his misdeed to him and demand an apology.

Sheryl, on the other hand, was of the opinion that if Michael’s apology wasn’t genuine and self-initiated, it held no value.

“He should apologize only if and when he is ready,” Sheryl asserted....

We don’t have to be anyone special to have a sacred task. And yet, somehow or another, our acts might have consequences that we cannot even begin to imagine.
— ‘If Not for You, I Would Be Dead’
Handy Household Hacks
Dripping Paint

Stretch a rubber band across your paint bucket. When you have excess paint on your brush, wipe it against the rubber band, allowing it to drip back into the bucket.


Change is inevitable ... except from a vending machine.

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