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The Jewish Woman
This weekly study packet is part of “Be a Leader” initiative. Print it out and learn it with your study group.
The Jewish Woman
The concept of support is deeply interwoven with Kislev.
Mitzvahs & Traditions
The sages outline the number of aliyot for the Torah reading based on the uniqueness of the day on which the Torah is read.

If it is not evil, we must use it for good.
If it can be raised higher, we cannot leave it in the dirt.

For everything He made, He made for His glory.

Jewish News
Lack of electricity, running water and gasoline after attacks on infrastructure create humanitarian crisis
Contemporary Voices
Katia’s voice became choked with emotion as she continued, “I became very angry at Jews and at Judaism. I decided that it was not for me.”
Jewish Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the particulars of a Jewish home!
Jewish News
Israeli-Canadian Aryeh Schupak, 16, dies in attack; terrorists at large Video
Rosie Grossbaum is a high school student with an indomitable spirit who lives with the life-threatening disorder cystic fibrosis.
Contemporary Voices
How many of the classic terms and expressions do you know?
Jewish News
121 donors help an isolated child from Tasmania to travel to Nottingham, England
Jewish Holidays
How much do you know about the historic ceremony?
Jewish News
A rabbi’s deeply personal perspective on reconciling G-d’s goodness and human suffering
The Jewish Woman
I asked when he would likely lose his ability to walk, and the specialist told me it would happen sometime around middle school.
If a poor man happened to come to the wicked city of Sodom, every resident gave him a coin, upon which he inscribed his name; but no bread was given him. When he died, each came and took back his coin.
– Talmud, Sanhedrin 109a
Kamenitz-Podolsk Talmuds Saved (5518/1757)
As a result of the libelous slander of the Frankists (followers of Sabbatai Zevi, the archbishop of... Read More »
Pnei Yehoshua Saved (5463/1702)
The explosion of some barrels of gunpowder that had been caught on fire resulted in the collapse of a... Read More »
Temple Cleared in Chanukah Miracle (3622/-139)
After overcoming the Greek forces, the Hasmoneans cleared the Temple from the idolatrous images that... Read More »
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