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Jewish Holidays
The basics of building a sukkah and living inside it
Jewish Holidays
Become a knowledgeable Four Kinds consumer!
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Your DIY guide to hosting your own Simchat Beit Hashoeva event

That force that holds electrons in their orbit and planets in theirs, explodes incessantly within the stars above and is the darkness that fills the empty space—that force is a single whole, and it is G‑d.

It is not all of G‑d. It is an expression of G‑d. All of it could disappear in a single instant, and for Him... Video
The yahrzeit of the Rebbe Maharash, the fourth Chabad Rebbe, falls just before Sukkos, a time when Jews busily prepare for the upcoming festival. In recalling his life’s work, we see how the Rebbe...
Jewish Holidays
I think I am going to buy a houseplant and name it Ned. I realized I needed a houseplant after my internet stopped working a few hours ago, and there was nobody around to talk to. Mostly I will talk...
Jewish Holidays
The scandalized crowd was about to eject the man from the synagogue, when the Rebbe turned from the wall and said: "Let him be. For us, Yom Kippur is just beginning, but for him, it's already Simchat... Video
On redirecting the fires of destruction into fiery passion for good.
Jewish Holidays
You can create an over-the-top joyous Sukkot at home, one to remember fondly long after the pandemic has been relegated to the dusty annals of history.
Jewish Holidays
Some sechach blew off during Sukkot. I was wondering if I can just tie it down with string. When I asked (and looked on the Internet), I got mixed replies.
Jewish News
The outdoor, seven-day holiday approaches with safety and unity again top of mind
Jewish News
On Yom Kippur, Yizkor book memorialized those lost to the pandemic
The Torah is food for the soul, and the mitzvot are its garments
– The "Ari", Rabbi Isaac Luria
Passing of R. Moshe Zacuto (1697)
R. Moshe, known by the acronym Ramaz, was an Italian rabbi and Kabbalist, well-known for... Read More »
The festival of Sukkot, commemorating G-d's enveloping protection of the Children of Israel during... Read More »
"And you shall take for yourself on the first day," instructs the Torah in Leviticus "the splendid... Read More »
When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, one of the special Sukkot observances was to pour water on... Read More »
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