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Questions & Answers
Other than Torah observance, what can we teach the next generation to inspire them to stay Jewish?
Jewish News
Jewish visitors line up for bagel sandwiches during the week
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Jacob's ladder, like Sinai, characterizes that which is firmly embedded in earthliness, but can reach the heavens.
If It's Broken... (from the book “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”)

If you see something that is broken, fix it.

If you cannot fix all of it, fix some of it.

But do not say there is nothing you can do. Because, if that were true, why would this broken thing have come into your world?

Reshimot 44. Video
Rosie Grossbaum is a high school student with an indomitable spirit who lives with the life-threatening disorder cystic fibrosis.
Jewish History
Torah tells us that Dinah, daughter of Jacob and and Leah, was the victim of a terrible rape. Oral traditions add to our understanding of this special woman.
If not now, when?
The Jewish Woman
This weekly study packet is part of “Be a Leader” initiative. Print it out and learn it with your study group.
The Jewish Woman
The concept of support is deeply interwoven with Kislev.
Mitzvahs & Traditions
The sages outline the number of aliyot for the Torah reading based on the uniqueness of the day on which the Torah is read.
There may be food, there may be drink, but if there is no peace there is nothing
– Rashi (on Leviticus 26:6)
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