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Passover is coming!   —  we're here to help!
Mitzvahs & Traditions
From moving furniture to dealing with inedible chametz, discover how to thoroughly prepare your home for Passover.
The Rebbe Rashab
As the de facto leader of Russian Jewry, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Jewish community. Video
Zalmy was a special boy, who brought so much joy to his parents and community.

One who has given up hope is without a G‑d.

One who sees hope in each day is already free.

Empowered Author Award
Are you a young Jewish person on campus? This contest is for you!
Contemporary Voices
Whoever knew the job could be this complex—and exasperating?
Hebrew Word of the Week
No Rest for the Holy
Jewish News
Thousands at Binghamton U. shatter record for largest campus Shabbat dinner Video
Everything about the Jewish people from its emergence on the holiday of Passover to its destiny is nothing short of a miracle.
Passover (Pesach)
Learn something new about Passover's forbidden food.
Passover (Pesach)
What do you know about this Seder night highlight?
Jewish News
As in 2017, Chabad in remote Carbondale, Ill., to host eclipse chasers
Torah & Science
Also, some claim that eclipses are a bad omen of things to come. What is the Jewish perspective on eclipses?
A Lesson in Compassion
The healing of the soul is like the healing of the body: The crucial first step is to identify the location of the illness.
– Hayom Yom, Sivan 16
Spies to Jericho (1273 BCE)
Two days before the conclusion of the thirty-day mourning period following the passing of Moses on Ada... Read More »
Passing of R. Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apta (1825)
R. Avraham Yehoshua Heshel was one of the leading Rebbes of his day, serving as rabbi and spiritual le... Read More »
In today's "Nasi" reading (see "Nasi of the Day" in Nissan 1), we read of the gift bought by the nasi... Read More »
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