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Jewish Quizzes
Test your knowledge of this essential text of Jewish learning.
Lifecycle Events
There is a prevalent custom for boys to read the weekly Torah portion when they become a bar mitzvah. Here's why.

All this universe was made only for your journey. And all this universe was made only for the other guy’s journey. And for mine as well.

In our mind it is impossible. We are finite. When we put our minds to one idea, there is no room for any other. If one point is at the center, there is no center left for any other.


Jewish History
Can you believe you have the truth, and nevertheless leave space for others?
Jewish News
Anti-Israel protesters disbanded after demanding removal of Jewish groups on campus
Mitzvahs & Traditions
Jewish tombstones date back to the Patriarchs, but unveiling ceremonies are somewhat of a recent innovation.
Jewish News
Rep. Mike Lawler assists in the initiative of making and distributing challah to the sick, those celebrating milestones and those keeping Shabbat
Health & Wellness
About a year and a half after I started taking my medications, I had my first real flirtation with suicide and spent half the night with our local police force, sheriff, and state crisis workers.
And I have seen that there is an advantage in wisdom over folly, as the advantage in light over darkness
– Ecclesiastes 2:13
Frank Hanged in Prague (1946)
Karl Hermann Frank, the German Nazi official in Czechoslovakia during World War II, was hanged on this... Read More »
Kfar Chabad Established (1949)
The Chabad-Lubavitch village in Israel, Kfar Chabad, was founded by the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi... Read More »
Tomorrow is the thirty-seventh day of the Omer Count. Since, on the Jewish calendar, the day begins at... Read More »
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