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Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Bringing an offering means coming close to G‑d, which is dependent on each individual.
Jewish Holidays
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Jewish News
A rarity in the 1950s has become a national food trend

Something is true, we say, when it actually happened in our physical world.

But some events are even more true than that; so true that they are not limited to a certain year in a certain place. Instead, they occur again and again every year, wherever we are.

They are the days we celebrate every year, in a very real...

Jewish News
Ohr Chabad to open in the coming months in the Yatir forest in southern Israel
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Discovering the Small Alef
The Jewish Woman
I pray that I will be able to take care of myself for a long time.
Health & Wellness
I see my struggle as a hidden gift from G‑d.
Jewish Life
A century ago, there was a thriving Jewish community in Egypt, as there had been since before the Second Temple. Learn more about this unique Sephardic community that has all-but disappeared.
Jewish News
Packing food boxes for those in need and an outdoor matzah bakery for the kids
The Jewish Woman
Chana wasn’t drunk. But she taught me how to be sober.
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Does the mitzvah count if you scrupulously perform the physical details but without feeling?
Jewish History
The Jewish calendar is the structure upon which all Jewish holidays are based. It follows the lunar cycle, which means that the year is comprised of 12 lunar months (of approximately 29.5 days...
Jewish News
Uplifting art, modern translation, and clear typography propel the new hardcover edition into a classic
Moses was afflicted with a speech impairment so that no one should think that his success in transmitting the Torah to the world was due to his oratory skills.
– Derashot HaRan
Jews Commanded 1st Mitzvah (1313 BCE)
Shortly before sundown on the 29th of Adar, G-d commanded Moses regarding the mitzvah of sanctifying... Read More »
Napoleon's "Sanhedrin" Dissolved (1807)
A few months after its creation, Napoleon's "Sanhedrin" (rabbinical supreme court) was dissolved. The... Read More »
Starting in the afternoon, Tachanun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are... Read More »
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