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Test your knowledge of this essential text of Jewish learning.
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There is a prevalent custom for boys to read the weekly Torah portion when they become a bar mitzvah. Here's why.
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Can you believe you have the truth, and nevertheless leave space for others?

This is the impossible position He has put us in: The paradox of outrage.

We believe that at the core of reality there lies a G-d who is essentially good and cares for each one according to his or her needs, guiding each one to the right path, punishing wickedness and rewarding goodness in fair and equal measure. A...

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Anti-Israel protesters disbanded after demanding removal of Jewish groups on campus Video
A car accident prevented Rochel from becoming pregnant. When she finally became a mother, one of her twins died in infancy. Hear how she grew stronger and closer to G-d through the experience.
Jewish News
Rep. Mike Lawler assists in the initiative of making and distributing challah to the sick, those celebrating milestones and those keeping Shabbat
Health & Wellness
About a year and a half after I started taking my medications, I had my first real flirtation with suicide and spent half the night with our local police force, sheriff, and state crisis workers.
Each verse starts with another letter of the Hebrew Alphabet--except for nun.
One whom people are pleased with, G-d is pleased with him; but one whom people are not pleased with, G-d is not pleased with him
– Ethics of the Fathers 3:10
Journey From Mount Sinai (1312 BCE)
On the 20th of Iyar 2449 (1312 BCE)--nearly a year after the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai--the C... Read More »
Troyes Jews Burned at Stake (1288)
On the 20th of Iyar in 1288, thirteen Jews in Troyes, France, were burned at the stake by the Inquisit... Read More »
Venice Jews Forbidden to Practice Law (1637)
The Jews of Venice, Italy, were forbidden to practice law or to act as advocates in the Courts of Veni... Read More »
Mt. Scopus Hospital (1939)
The Hadassah University Hospital and Medical Center was opened on Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem. The hospital,... Read More »
Pregnant Women Sentenced to Death (1942)
In the ghetto of Kovno, the Nazis decreed the execution of all pregnant Jewish women.
Tomorrow is the thirty-sixth day of the Omer Count. Since, on the Jewish calendar, the day begins at n... Read More »
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