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Jewish Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the man who brought our ancestors into the Holy Land.
Jewish History
Who was Yehuda bar Ilai, most cited sage of the Mishnah.
Contemporary Voices
The mystery proto-woman, who provides us the path towards humankind 2.0

Many believe that truth is the domain of great minds, so that the greater your intellect, the closer you can come to the truth.

But truth is that which knows no bounds. If it is genuine truth, it is to be found everywhere equally.

The same truth that the profound philosopher grasps by intellectual extrapolation and abs...

Hebrew Word of the Week
Missing the Mark
Jewish History
Identify Saul's palace, armor similar to Goliath's, and the places that feature in David's youth.
I was at a crossroads, with one foot in my new Jewish observance and the other foot still firmly set in my old lifestyle. I was far from my family in Australia, and my best friend had just moved away....
Contemporary Voices
When I look for G-d, He is everywhere.
The plastic surgeon managed to reattach the fingertip and wrapped it in a large bandage. He warned me, however, that there was no guarantee it would heal properly and advised me to keep an eye on it.
Although he may not feel it, every journey in a Jew’s life is ordained by his Creator and part of his Godly mission.
Jewish Quizzes
How well do you know the prophets of Tanach?
My feet lead me to the place my heart desires
– Midrash Mechilta
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