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Do you know a sheitel from a shtreimel, a kipah from a kapote? This quiz is for you!
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The kindertransport orphan who became one of Jerusalem’s most prominent rabbis

Creativity is an exercise in paradox.

It is the artist’s expression of self. And yet the artist must remove himself from his art, with discipline and with skill, so that his creation will stand as its own reality, as a creation.

Creation of a universe from nothingness is the absolute paradoxical act.

It is the...

In all the parenting books I read, they speak about setting limits and boundaries. But I am just such a softie, that when my kids start to cry and plead with me, I usually give in. Is there anything...
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Some of the authors are well known, some are known by name only, and others are anonymous. Video
Watch a visual presentation on the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple), the center of our nation and the place where we were closest to G-d. This webcast provides a general overview of the Temple’s...
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A new Chabad House on an alluring North Atlantic island
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Moses is teaching us is to remember G‑d as the source of our good fortune, too, not only in our hours of hardship.
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
A person can be expected to think a certain way, but a person cannot be expected to feel a certain way.
The verse “build me a Temple, and I will dwell within them” refers to every Jewish heart.
The Jewish Woman
Victim of the Condominium Collapse in Surfside, Fla.
Said Rabbi Joshua ben Levi: When a person walks along the way, a troop of angels march before him and announce: "Make way for the image of the Holy One, Blessed Be He"
– Midrash Rabbah, Devarim 4
Nachmanides' Disputation (1263)
By order of King James I of Aragon (Spain), Nachmanides (Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, 1194-1270) was... Read More »
770 Acquired (1940)
On this date in 1940, the building at 770 Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section of... Read More »
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