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New Features

New Features

Some of the new features to look out for on the new


Home Page

The home page might be the place you come to most frequently on We wanted to make sure that it was engaging and easy to use.

  • Completely redesigned. Crisp, new look.
  • Wider array of content featured.
  • Newest content always accessible and updates in real time.
  • Features like "Today in Jewish History," a daily Jewish quote and daily meditation, delivered fresh each day.
  • Common functions, such as Shabbat times and Chabad-Lubavitch Locator, more easily accessible.
  • "Most commented articles" puts your finger on the global pulse.

Navigation & Browsing

Restructuring the content of the new site to help you more intuitively and expeditiously find what you are looking for demanded thorough, rigorous, meticulous planning, coupled with precision programming.

  • Entire site reorganized, utilizing a more uniform structure.
  • More easily accessible and user-friendly menus.
  • Search integrated into primary menu bar.
  • Featured content is now accessible directly from within menus.
  • Quick access to specialty sites (e.g.,, Jewish.TV,, etc.) from every page.
  • Access to daily features from the footer of every page.
  • Sorting and filter options on index pages to make it easier for you to find what interests you.
  • Easier access to common functions from every page, including the Jewish date, weekly Torah reading, Chabad-Lubavitch locator and other tools.

Reading Experience

Making it more enjoyable to read your favorite articles, blogs and features was a primary goal in our redesign.

  • Larger fonts and a cleaner layout make reading more enjoyable.
  • New and improved related content offerings, grouped by audio, video and text, make it easier to find related content that interests you.
  • Better indicators of the section you are in to help you find your way around the site.
  • New indicators to let you know when content is available in one of seven other languages.

Reader Comments & Discussions comes alive for many in the discussions engendered by our thought-provoking content. Important topics are debated, advice is shared and the global community connects right here.

  • Submitting reader comments does not take you off the page you were reading.
  • Reading  reader comments is easier as you can scroll through all the comments below the article without ever leaving the page.
  • Ability to sort reader comments.

Video Experience

Tens of thousands of hours of video are watched each day on Jewish.TV. People laugh together. Cry together. Study together. And are entertained together. And now the Jewish.TV experience is about to reach a new level.

  • Completely redesigned site.
  • Improved navigation pages.
  • Larger video players.
  • "Additional videos" more easily accessible below the video player.
  • Rewritten algorithms to provide related videos based on what you are viewing.
  • Easier access to more videos by the same presenter.


Let's face it. is huge. Sometimes even our own team gets lost in the wealth of content offerings. We wanted to make sure that the new has simpler, quicker and more intuitive ways for you to find what you are looking for.

  • Improved underlying search engine technology.
  • Improved search result algorithms
  • Integrated prominent search tool into primary menu throughout site.
  • Enabled searching within sections and books.


The Jewish Calendar is vital to Jewish observance and is one of the very popular tools on Incorporating your suggestions for ways this tool can be more useful was a key focus of our team.

  • Improved user-friendly calendar design.
  • Completely redesigned all calendar tools and date converters, making them easier to use and more intuitive.
  • Setting your location for Candle Lighting and other Jewish times much easier via a new AJAX driven location system.


Serving millions of people from across the globe can be challenging. In our new site, we aimed to improve performance, reliability and the response time of pages on our website — no matter where you are visiting from.

  • Completely rewrote millions of lines of code.
  • Employed newer and faster servers.
  • Deployed even better caching models to decrease load times.
  • Faster loading pages no matter where you live, using a global CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Beta Site Transition

The biggest challenge in any upgrade and transition to a new site design — especially one of this magnitude — is minimizing the impact on our regular readers and subscribers. We went to great lengths to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

  • Both versions of the site, new and old, will continue to operate for some time, allowing you to transition to the new site at your own pace.
  • Easily accessible links to view any page on the old site, giving you time to get accustomed to the new layout — and go back if you are not ready for the switch.
  • Easily accessible feedback link that allows you to submit comments and suggestions without leaving the page you were on.

Add Your Voice

We consider this to be a work in progress. Many of the upgrades you see here have been developed in response to feedback from people like you. And we look to you for your continued feedback and ideas.

What new features did you find helpful? What new features would you like to see added? Are there any hidden gems that you found? Sound off below.

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Susan Robbins Maryland September 30, 2012

No captions are available I enjoy reading chabad information but the videos doesn't provide any close captions so it would be worth the while to add that to sparkle interests for other Deaf Jews to learn. Shalom Reply

Anonymous September 20, 2012

Search function On the audio and video classes, it would be great if you could sort a search by length! I often listen to classes while doing mindless tasks at work, and depending on my current task sometimes I want a shorter class and sometimes I want a longer class. Reply

Anonymous israel August 14, 2012

Kol Hakavod! Dear It brings tears to my eyes to see the Rebbe's Chassidim being a light unto the nations and using the tools G-d created in the world to spread knowledge of G-d that everyone is so thirsting for! Way to go! Your work is so precious, you warm my heart. Please don't stop. MayG-d bless you all always, each and every one of you in abundance both in spiritual and physical together and may you merit to see G-d's blessing in everything you do, may you and your children be saved from the waves of tumoil that so many are lost in, may it not even come close to you, and may you merrit to see the fruits of your toil- in all that you do - ach tov vachessed yirdefchem - and may you have the strength, motivation and courage to continue in the work of all the tzaddikim all the way back to Avraham Avinu to our generation today. May we soon merit the day when every creature, every being, and lehavdil every soul will see G-dliness in their lives. Llove, a reader. Reply

Anonymous Elstree, England July 22, 2012

Iphones and Ipads Hi

Some of your videos don't play on iphone/ipad (Itchy kaddoozie for example)

I like my kids to watch these fab educational videos but when we are out and about they don't always play. Keep up the exellent work with the kids section in particular

Elstree Reply

Mrs Borbely �rd, Hungary July 20, 2012

It is very nice! But where are the Birthday reminder, the Megila readings, and the other old and practical services? Reply

Maggie Nrwman July 19, 2012

Amazing!! Reply

Irene Glen Burnie USA July 19, 2012

The New My, it certainly looks great! I geuss I'll find out if it is easier to find certain things. But I must admit I do like the old feature as I know where to look for the videos and other articles. Its like going into a grocery store and find they moved everything around, and now you can't find anything like you could before. HAHA. But life is about changes at times, and I will enjoy Chabad no matter what changes take place. Reply

Leah July 19, 2012

Make videos user friendly for iPad Please please make an app for my iPad! I can't download the videos that use flash. Thanks! Reply

Anonymous usa July 18, 2012

Restarting a video at the point you left off Yes, it IS possible to resume the video by sliding the bar to the time already viewed. Actually, I eventually preferred resetting the bar to 1-2 minutes BEFORE where the interruption happened. Try it both ways. Reply

Anonymous July 15, 2012

Where are the videos? Hi -- the site looks very nice, but I'm confused about how to find videos. They used to be in one category, but now I can't find them, except here and there. Sometimes I just like to browse the available videos but don't really know how I can do that with the new design. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous July 10, 2012

The new site looks great. It is easy to understand and get all the information you need. The staff have done a remarkable job. Thanks for sharing. Reply

Anonymous reno, nv usa April 6, 2012

Restarting a video at the point you left off I wish there was a fast forward so that if a long video goes down for some reason it could be restarted at the point where you left off. For instance if a video is an hour and ten minutes and you watched through fifty minutes you could start up at the fifty minute point. Otherwise you might never have the time to rewatch the whole video again for the last twenty minutes. Thanks. Reply

Luis Alvarez Vital Los Angeles March 20, 2012

Change is Good Change for the better is great! Reply

Joseph William Florida March 16, 2012

Great! Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2012

thanks It's gr8 Reply

Anonymous Houston March 15, 2012

Its Great! I really like the new look and it so much easier to navigate! Reply

Jeff Grand Junction, CO March 10, 2012

Thank you. It looks beautiful. Reply

Brett Australia March 10, 2012

Video format Hi, The new site looks grea. I especially like the ribbon-style menus at the top, it makes everything very quick to find. One thing you may want to consider is changing the videos over to HTML5, so they are more adaptable on mobiles. For example, on an Android phone the '18 years...' video plays fine in a browser that supports flash, but not in Firefox Mobile, which only supports HTML5. What's involved in doing that, I have no idea! Reply

Hannah Avrahami ISRAEL March 8, 2012

THANK YOU! The new layout is brilliant for older people. Much easier to read. Thank you for caring! Your hard work is much appreciated . Chabad truly is a beacon of light for all Jews. With blessings from Israel Reply

Shannan Badgett Dallas, TX March 7, 2012

I think the new site is beautiful, very intuitively laid out. It's fresh and modern and very vital. Still one of the best reasons to be on the web. Thank you! Reply