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Discussion (120)
February 27, 2013
Grateful convert
Awesome job to all of the tech people for your efforts.
G_d bless and be well.

VABeach VA
January 5, 2013
Chabad is an inspirational message to the world.
suzy handler
January 5, 2013
So pleasing!
I'm so delighted with the format! I don't know how much actual content changed but I feel as though I have access to a whole new room of treasures. Thank you for all the work that went into this massive project. I couldn't be more favorably impressed!
Andrea de Palma
North America
December 28, 2012
Nice but I prefer the old site has been a blessing to me for many years. Although I love the content, I must say that I find the new site confusing; I have a hard time getting around.
Benjamin Uchytil
December 3, 2012
This has been a site of great help to me. You are doing a great job, saving lives, restoring hope to the hopeless. Thank you.
November 26, 2012
Miss the topics on the left
I don't like the new look all that much. I especially miss the list of topics on the left. Having them in tiny print at the bottom is kind of depressing. BUT is still the best website ever!
November 23, 2012
Happy to let you know that there is a app, you can find it here:
Mrs. Chana Benjaminson
November 22, 2012
Mobile please!
Ths site is a great improvement but continues to lack full mobile support. Please consider builiding an iphone app. so that the viewers can enjoy the video/TV series. Many thanks.
Avraham ben Rafael
November 10, 2012
Looking Good.........
November 10, 2012
A very interesting website. Lovely interesting items to read. Thanks a lot.
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