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Creative Corner Submission

Creative Corner Submissions

Creative Corner Submissions

Submit Your Poetry or Other Writings


Submission Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to submit your writing. Please understand that we will not be able to post all submissions. If we do choose to use your piece, you will be notified beforehand by email.

In posting, please comply with the following criteria:
  • Please refrain from profane, insulting or divisive language.
  • The purpose of this section is for readers to share their creative expression. It is not intended to serve as a sounding board for your opinions on political or other matters.
  • Please take the trouble to check the spelling and grammar of your post. The more "publication ready" your submission is, the greater the chances that it will be posted.
  • Please make sure to include a one line bio about yourself as well as a valid email where you can be contacted
We reserve the right to edit the piece in terms of length, appropriateness, clarity and grammar. If any significant contextual changes need to be made, you will be shown the piece before it is printed.

We look forward to reading your piece!