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1915: Learning
The Rebbe's father's synagogue
The Rebbe's father's synagogue

Little is known of the Rebbe's early life for the simple reason that in those formative years, the bulk of his days and nights were spent in private study.

Recognized by his teachers as a child prodigy, the Rebbe outgrew formal cheder in his early childhood and was taught by private tutors; soon he was studying on his own, under the guidance of his father. In his teens, he was already corresponding with noted Torah scholars several decades his senior.

As world leader of Chabad-Lubavitch, the Rebbe founded dozens of yeshivot, including centers for higher Torah learning in Morocco (1950), Australia (1952), Montreal (1957), Miami (1974), Seattle (1976), Caracas (1977), Los Angeles (1978), Buenos Aries (1980), and Johannesburg (1984).


Adaptations of the Rebbe's Teachings:
 Religion and the Constitution
 Do We Lie to Our Children?
 Want It All
 A Yeshivah in Egypt?
 The Third Millennium

 Judges and Kindergartens

 1902: Childhood
 Utilizing Children's Energy

Books by the Rebbe:
 The Education of Jewish Children: Then and Now

Correspondence From the Rebbe:
 Educating A Child
 Divine Service Through Mind and Heart
 G-d in the Classroom
 Spiritual Vaccine
 Education and The Educator
 Educator's Wish to Leave Community
 The Purpose of Educational Institutions
 On Educating Small Children
 The Student Who Likes One Subject More Than Another
 A Jewish Educational Foundation
 Girls’ Education
 When Is a Person Considered "Educated"?
 Pay Attention to Your Children
 What the Circumcisions of Isaac and Ishmael Tell Us
 Importance of Early Childhood Education
 Neglecting the Education of the Very Young
 Is Education Only to Increase Knowledge?
 Instilling Faith in Your Children
 Why Not to Go to College
 Rebbe, Please Convince My Son to Go to College
 Yeshiva or College?
 How Important Is a College Education?
 The Joy of Learning
 The Need for Torah Education
 The Jewish Professor's Influence
 Camp Reunion
 To Participants in New Jersey Yeshiva Dinner
 To Participants in Montreal Yeshiva Dinner

First Person:
 Jewish Education and the Holocaust
 Defeating the Nazis through Jewish Education

Scholar, Visionary and Leader:
 Bar Mitzvah: Obligation, Education & Action
 A Scholar in Paris: Signs of Things to Come
 Arrival in America: Building from the Ground Up

Special Dates on the Calendar:
 Education is the Cornerstone of Humanity
 Clarity of Purpose: Freedom for What?
 Clarity of Purpose: Inner Unity, World Peace
 On Education
 G-d in the Classroom
 Foundations In Education
 Education: Sensitivity without Compromise
 Young and Old Enjoy Time Together in Yud Shevat Program
 Farbrengen: 11 Nissan 5741 (1981)

 The 3:00 am Audience Video:
 Foundations In Education
 Foundations In Education
 A Child’s True Role Models – His Parents
 Seventy Years: A New Beginning
 “The Little Lantern”
 Vacationing in Torah
 “The Little Lantern”
 No Child Left Behind
 Clarity of Purpose: Freedom for What?
 Clarity of Purpose: Inner Unity, World Peace
 No Child Left Behind
 Reflections on an Assassination Attempt
 Clarity of Purpose: Inner Unity, World Peace
 Education: Sensitivity without Compromise
 Torah Revolution - Comrades
 The Season of Freedom--Preaching and Practicing
 Community of Scholars
 “For My Children? Only the Best!”
 Testing the Waters
 All of Talmud in One Year
 To Be Connected
 Pre-Passover Farbrengen
 Fundraising Manifesto
 Prerequisite to Torah Study
 Spiritual Motherhood
 Torah Keeps You Young
 Education, an Honor and a Responsibility
 Brick and Mortar
 Burning the Midnight Oil
 Mutual Defense Pact
 On Going Mainstream
 The Previous Rebbe's Dangerous Speech in Moscow, 1927
 Effective Education
 A Solid Foundation
 Making the Most of Vacation
 The Educator’s Secret
 Torah Revolution: Comrades
 The Greatest Job
 A Joint Effort
 Never Too Young
 Farbrengen with the Rebbe - Tammuz 12, 5741 (1981)
 The Root of the Problem
 Nature and Nurture
 A Sense of Entitlement
 Growing in Torah
 To Every Single Child
 Jewish Fundamentals - Part 1
 Torah 101
 Make It Your Own
 Founded on Faith
 Polishing the Buttons
 The Work Must Go On
 The Strength of Our people
 Passover Preparations
 When the Nights Get Longer
 Two Worlds
 The Greatest Calling
 No Need to Wait

Transcripts of the Rebbe's Talks:
 Education is the Cornerstone of Humanity

 Being a Good Example

The Rebbe speaks on the foundations of education (September 13, 1983)
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Our Sages state that G-d created the world because he desired "a dwelling in the material realm." As a rule, a person fulfills his or her purpose in life not by secluding himself in a room and praying and learning all day, but by going out into the world and laboring to transform it into a holy and G-dly place. But to properly achieve this goal, our involvement with the material should be preceded by a period of total immersion in the spiritual. So it was in the history of our people: Israel's entry into the Land was preceded by 40 years in the desert. So it is on the individual level: the first years of life are marked by freedom from material cares, so as to fully devote oneself to learning. And so it is on the daily level: each day begins with time set aside for prayer and Torah study.

From an address by the Rebbe, Spring 1962 (free translation)

The Rebbe: Timeline Biography
1902: Childhood
1915: Learning
1916: World War I
1923: Soviet Jewry
1928: Marriage
1930s: Torah & Science
1941: Flight from Europe
1939-45: Holocaust & Rebuilding
1943: Author & Teacher
1950: Leadership
1953: Chassidic Feminism
1960: Technology
1963: Rebellion
1967: The Six-Day War
1972: Retirement?
1974: The Mitzvah Tank
1977: Illness & Challenge
1983: Mankind
1986: "Sunday Dollars"
1988: Passing of Rebbetzin
1989: The End of the Cold War
1991: Missiles & Miracles
3 Tammuz 1994: Transmission
1994: Discovery of the "Reshimot"
Today: The Goal