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About Living Torah Membership

About Living Torah Membership


Living Torah Membership Levels
Four convenient ways to watch Living Torah
In Your Home – DVD Membership Features
A new DVD delivered to your home every four weeks. Each DVD includes four full programs.
Online Membership is included free with DVD Membership
• Watch Living Torah on your home DVD player with your family!
• Highest quality video and audio
• Many language options. Living Torah DVD includes subtitles in
• Many playback options:
      Entire disc
      All Talks together
      All Special Moments together
      All Eye to Eyes together
      All My Encounters together
• Children’s narration – The Rebbe's teachings explained - by kids, for kids.
• Free shipping with subscription!
• The knowledge that you are supporting and sustaining this vital project!

Make Living Torah a Family Affair. Many families set aside a weekly “Living Torah Time” for the entire family to watch together. Many choose to start their week this way, on Saturday night immediately after Shabbos.

$22 per disc, including shipping
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On the Web – Online Membership Features
Every week, online members get instant online access to the full Living Torah, plus higher-quality video and audio streams. Members get access to all Living Torah archives and search capabilities including the My Encounter with the Rebbe video testimonies.

• Instant online access to newest content (accounts activated within 12 hours).
• Full access to archives.
• Higher quality video and audio.
• Weekly My Encounter with the Rebbe testimonies.
• The knowledge that you are supporting and sustaining this vital project!

$7.00 per month

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On the Go – iPod Access
• Living Torah in crystal clear audio and video, special for your Ipod!
• Whenever you go, wherever you are, enjoy Living Torah’s amazing inspiration!
• Get the whole set, or order by series, disc or program!
• We’ll load the content for you.
• Sorry, ongoing Living Torah subscriptions not yet available for Ipod – past editions only.
Please do not steal! Sharing is not allowed.
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With the Crowd – At a public viewing
• Enjoy Living Torah in a group setting.
• See it on the “big screen”! (many locations)
• Over 400 locations across the world.
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