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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

Living Torah Archives

Living Torah Archives

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Nothing Has Changed
Disc: 167 / Program: 668 | Talk
Event Date: 12 Tammuz, 5711 • July 16, 1951
The Talmud states that Samson ruled for forty years, yet the verse states that he only ruled for twenty? In answer to this apparent discrepancy the Talmud declares: He influenced them for twenty years after his passing, thus extending the years of his leadership of the Jewish nation. In this passionate talk delivered at a farbrengen celebrating the liberation of his father-in-law from prison, the Previous Rebbe, the Rebbe explains why our circumstances aren’t so different today.
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A Rebbe’s Connection
Disc: 167 / Program: 668 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5722 • January 15, 1962
At a farbrengen commemorating the passing of his father-in-law, the Rebbe spoke about the difference between a Rebbe and a leader.
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Global Connection
Disc: 167 / Program: 668 | Eye to Eye
People from different communities around the world greet the Rebbe by Sunday Dollars. (Collage)
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A Few Realistic Words
Disc: 167 / Program: 668 | My Encounter
As a young teenager, Charles Ramat would sometimes chauffer his teacher from time to time. Once, when his teacher had an audience with the Rebbe, Charles took the opportunity to ask the Rebbe’s advice in regards to his mother’s terminal illnes. The Rebbe’s realistic prognosis helped him deal with the eventual outcome. (1968)
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The Woman’s Three Special Mitzvos
Disc: 167 / Program: 667 | Talk
Event Date: 17 Sivan, 5740 • June 01, 1980
There are three fundamental Mitzvos entrusted to every Jewish woman. Separating Challah “from the first of your dough” shows that before benefiting from anything in this world, we “set aside an offering for G-d.” By knowing that the beginning of everything is for G-d, the entire home becomes a dwelling place for Him. ExpandMore
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Children’s Rally
Disc: 167 / Program: 667 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 13 Sivan, 5740 • May 28, 1980
The Rebbe attends a special children’s rally held for the Released Time children from NY public schools.
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Neighborhood Memories
Disc: 167 / Program: 667 | Eye to Eye
The Rebbe’s neighbors from the 1950’s, reminisce about their early encounters with the Rebbe (Collage).
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Early Impressions
Disc: 167 / Program: 667 | My Encounter
Yitzchak Popack recalls his memories from when the Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived to the United States in 1941.
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You Have to Ask
Disc: 167 / Program: 666 | Talk
Event Date: 14 Iyar, 5744 • May 16, 1984
There are those who question: “Why do you speak so much about bringing Moshiach?” “Why don’t you rely on G-d – after all, He’s the one Who sent us into Exile in the first place!” If the Jewish People in the time of Moses had followed this line of logic, at least one Mitzvah in the Torah would not have been given when it was. The Second Passover was given as a response to those who cried out to G-d over their plight. ExpandMore
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Nigun ‘We Want Moshiach Now’
Disc: 167 / Program: 666 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 20 Av, 5741 • August 20, 1981
Children lead the crowd in singing ‘We Want Moshiach Now’.
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Campaign Results
Disc: 167 / Program: 666 | Eye to Eye
The Rebbe gives words of encouragement to different people who recently began putting on teffilin (Collage).
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The Full Picture
Disc: 167 / Program: 666 | My Encounter
Not long after the Rebbe launched the tefillin campaign, Mr. Bentzion Rader asked the Rebbe, “Why tefillin?”. The answer the Rebbe gave him, was only understood seven years later (1967).
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Give It Your All
Disc: 167 / Program: 665 | Talk
Event Date: 12 Sivan, 5742 • June 03, 1982
Torah insists that nothing in this world is extra; everything was created with a specific purpose. In fact, just by virtue of having been created, G-d has declared you an irreplaceable asset in bringing his world closer to a state of perfection. In a fascinating analysis of the Parsha, the Rebbe draws a crucial lesson in the life of a Jew: To achieve your full potential, use your every ability in the service of your Creator.
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Kos Shel Bracha
Disc: 167 / Program: 665 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 12 Sivan, 5751 • May 25, 1991
On the Shabbos following the holiday of Shavous, the Rebbe held a surprise farbrengen before Marriv, followed by distribution of Kos Shel Brocho.
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Commissioned Articles
Disc: 167 / Program: 665 | Eye to Eye
Mr. Shaul Schiff of the Israeli “Hatzofeh” neswpaper visits the Rebbe: The impression I get from your recent writing is that your work is not decreasing, G-d forbid, but is also not increasing. You must double your achievements! This dollar is not a bribe for you to write more about me, but to write more on all the other Jewish matters…
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Try to Remember
Disc: 167 / Program: 665 | My Encounter
When Mr. Shaul Schiff handed his note to the Rebbe during a private audience in 1971, the Rebbe recognized his handwriting, but Mr. Schiff had no recollection of ever writing to the Rebbe before.
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Root Cause
Disc: 166 / Program: 664 | Talk
Event Date: 13 Av, 5751 • July 24, 1991
Much like the rest of the Written Torah, the Ten Commandments are stated very concisely. And yet, despite their brevity, the Rabbis teach that the Ten Commandments contain all the fundamental tenets of Judaism within them. Moreover, each of the commandments have their root in the very first Commandment: I am the L-rd your G-d. ExpandMore
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Farbrengen Erev Shavuos
Disc: 166 / Program: 664 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 4 Sivan, 5747 • June 01, 1987
Chasidim sing a joyous nigun at a farbrengen in the days leading up to the festival of Shavuos.
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Ten Commandments
Disc: 166 / Program: 664 | Eye to Eye
My father-in-law, the Previous Rebbe would bless Jews before Shavuos to receive the Torah with joy and inner meaning. May this blessing truly come to fruition.
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Restaurant Status
Disc: 166 / Program: 664 | My Encounter
In 1988, as a restaurant owner living in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, Naftali Feldman was on the dinner committee of Colel Chabad, the oldest operating charity in Israel. When the invitation for the dinner was sent to the Rebbe, it was his name – and restaurant – which the Rebbe inquired about. Wanting to only give the Rebbe positive news, he committed to bringing his establishment up to standard.
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