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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

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Living Torah Archives

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A Leading Example
Disc: 169 / Program: 675 | Talk
Event Date: 20 Av, 5751 • July 31, 1991
The Rambam teaches that anyone who dedicates himself to G-d’s work, studying Torah and fulfilling its commandments, can be considered as part of the special tribe of Levi. Such was the case with Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, the Rebbe’s father, who gave himself over to the impossible task of providing true leadership to Soviet Jewry the Jews stuck in the USSR. He may have ended up paying with his life for his efforts, but his legacy has far outlived that of his oppressors.
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Reb Levik’s Nigun
Disc: 169 / Program: 675 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 20 Av, 5735 • July 28, 1975
Chasidim sing a lively nigun, a favorite of the Rebbe’s father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneersohn. The Rebbe enthusiastically encourages the singing.
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Take it to Print
Disc: 169 / Program: 675 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 25 Iyar, 5750 • May 20, 1990
It is a sound idea indeed to spend the summer in Jerusalem, and when Moshiach arrives, we will all join you.
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A Son’s Obligation
Disc: 169 / Program: 675 | My Encounter
In 1970, Mordechai Gorelik was granted permission to leave the Soviet Union. His parents and brother, Rabbi Elozor Gorelik, remained there, trapped behind the Iron Curtain. During his first audience with the Rebbe, he presented the Rebbe with a photograph of the resting place of the Rebbe’s father in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
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When the Nights Get Longer
Disc: 169 / Program: 674 | Talk
Event Date: 15 Av, 5747 • August 10, 1987
We see that the more necessary something is for survival, the more available it is. For example, a house can be expensive, clothing is more affordable, food even more, and air which we need to breathe, is free. The same is true with Torah and commandments. While commandments have their limitations in time and other requirements, Torah study is something which can always be done, pointing to how necessary it really is for our survival.
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Nigun Bnei Heicholo
Disc: 169 / Program: 674 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 19 Kislev, 5716 • December 04, 1955
The Rebbe instructs chasidim to sing the nigun “Bnei Heichala”. Customarily sung at the conclusion of Shabbos, it’s one of the ten nigunim of the Alter Rebbe.
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Two Worlds
Disc: 169 / Program: 674 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 14 Adar I, 5749 • February 19, 1989
You say that you wish you had more time to study Torah. I was never elected to any office so I don’t know what it’s like, but surely if you try you can find the time to do both.
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Music for the Mind
Disc: 169 / Program: 674 | My Encounter
Michael Tabor is an educator and musician. In 1970, as a student at the London School of Economics, he had an audience with the Rebbe. After a conversation with the Rebbe about music and the arts, he learned an important lesson that has remained with him ever since.
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Above the Exile
Disc: 169 / Program: 673 | Talk
Event Date: 4 Av, 5740 • July 17, 1980
It is through teshuva, returning to G-d, that we can fix the root-cause of exile, and bring it to an end. The Midrash teaches that the exile truly began when the Jewish children were exiled. In this regard, the Jewish children play an important role in resolving the situation and ushering in the arrival of Moshiach. ExpandMore
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Tisha B’av 5747
Disc: 169 / Program: 673 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 8 Av, 5747 • August 03, 1987
The Rebbe participates in the reading of the Book of Lamentations on the eve of Tisha Ba’v. On this day we mourn the destructions of the first and second Holy Temples.
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May it be Rebuilt
Disc: 169 / Program: 673 | Eye to Eye
The Rebbe advises Kohens and Levites to prepare to serve in the third Holy Temple, which with Gd’s help, will be rebuilt very soon. (Collage)
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Help from Above
Disc: 169 / Program: 673 | My Encounter
Moshe Mandelbaum is a professor of economics and former Governor of the Bank of Israel. In 1967, while working to defend his thesis explaining the nature of Israel’s economy, he had an audience with the Rebbe. The Rebbe’s suggestion to him was eventually passed into law, and the cryptic statement the Rebbe left him with, helped him succeed in completing his thesis. (1989)
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From Sea to Sea
Disc: 168 / Program: 672 | Talk
Event Date: 12 Tammuz, 5733 • July 12, 1973
“May he rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.” The commentaries on the verse explain that these words in Psalms refer to Moshiach. But being that all the revelations we’ll experience in the times of Moshiach will reflect our effort before his arrival, as it turns out, we need not wait to begin actualizing this verse. ExpandMore
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Nigun Yifrach
Disc: 168 / Program: 672 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 12 Tammuz, 5733 • July 12, 1973
Chassidim sing a lively Nigun at a farbrengen on 12 Tammuz in 1973. This Nigun was introduced at the farbrengen on Nissan 11, 5733, commemorating the 71st birthday of the Rebbe.
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Hastening the Redemption
Disc: 168 / Program: 672 | Eye to Eye
The Talmud says that each new Jewish home, hastens Moshiach's arrival, and that the birth of every Jewish child hastens his coming (Collage).
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Yours Faithfully
Disc: 168 / Program: 672 | My Encounter
Esther Solomon is a veteran educator living in Israel. In 1969, she was diagnosed with an inability to give birth. Desperate for her own children, she and her husband flew to New York and arranged an audience with the Rebbe. After reprimanding them for not placing more faith in G-d, the Rebbe gave the couple a blessing. But the story only reached its conclusion many years later.
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A Love of the Land
Disc: 168 / Program: 671 | Talk
Event Date: 15 Tammuz, 5746 • July 22, 1986
The Torah relates how after Tzelafchad died without leaving any sons, his daughters appeared before Moses with a claim that they should be their father’s heirs. G-d agreed and commanded Moses to write this into Jewish law. ExpandMore
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Disc: 168 / Program: 671 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 23 Tammuz, 5742 • July 14, 1982
The Rebbe asks that a bottle received from a farbrengen which took place in Beirut during the Lebanon war, be distributed at the farebrengen and in Camp Gan Israel.
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Knesset Matters
Disc: 168 / Program: 671 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 26 Elul, 5750 • September 16, 1990
Eitan Bar Eliyahu, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Knesset in Israel visits the Rebbe. He presents the Rebbe a picture of the Knesset in session during a speech by Prime Minister Shamir.
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A Painful Solution
Disc: 168 / Program: 671 | My Encounter
Eliezer Shefer serves as chairman of the World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora. In 1971, he and two of his colleagues had an audience with the Rebbe. At the time, Jerusalem was dealing with friction between segments of its community. Pained about the goings-on on both sides of the fighting, the Rebbe suggested a practical solution to try to tamp down the hostilities.
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