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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

Living Torah Archives

Living Torah Archives

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Soul Purpose
Disc: 160 / Program: 638 | Talk
Event Date: 14 Adar, 5716 • February 26, 1956
Our sages teach that “one who saves a single Jewish life is as if he saved an entire world.” ExpandMore
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Disc: 160 / Program: 638 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 9 Kislev, 5741 • November 17, 1980
At a farbrengen honoring the Mitteler Rebbe, the second Rebbe of Chabad, Chasidim join the Rebbe in singing “We Want Moshiach Now.”
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Month of Miracles
Disc: 160 / Program: 638 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 21 Cheshvan, 5750 • November 19, 1989
We must do even more than we have up until now to make it abundantly clear that Israel is a Jewish country. Living in Israel, you can accomplish more in this direction than I can from here.
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On the Rebbe’s Mind
Disc: 160 / Program: 638 | My Encounter
Rabbi Shlomo Matusof was one of the first Chabad shluchim and a pioneer of Jewish education in Morocco. His son, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Matusof recalls an episode highlighting the Rebbe’s care and concern for his emissaries around the world. (1957)
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Today’s Front: Outreach
Disc: 160 / Program: 637 | Talk
Event Date: 20 Cheshvan, 5745 • November 15, 1984
From the beginnings of the Chasidic movement, there has been an effort to disseminate “the wellsprings of Chassidism to the outside.” After the Alter Rebbe’s release from prison in 1798, this endeavor increased in an even greater way. ExpandMore
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Distribution of Discourse
Disc: 160 / Program: 637 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 24 Cheshvan, 5751 • November 12, 1990
The Rebbe distributes a Chasidic discourse written by the Rebbe Rashab in 5678 – 1918.
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Actions Speak Louder
Disc: 160 / Program: 637 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 28 Shevat, 5748 • February 16, 1988
While sitting Shiva for his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushkah, the Rebbe is visited by Rabbi Simcha Elberg. They discuss the burial of our matriarch Sarah.
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Nothing Wrong
Disc: 160 / Program: 637 | My Encounter
In 1981, Dr. Leslie Rosenthal was suddenly struck by a severe headache during the Yom Kippur services. Further tests indicated that he was suffering from an aneurysm behind his eye. Running out of options, his rabbi convinced him to write to the Rebbe detailing his ailments. The Rebbe’s answer startled him, as well as his doctors. (1981)
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The Land of Our Inheritance
Disc: 159 / Program: 636 | Talk
Event Date: 19 Kislev, 5742 • December 15, 1981
The open miracles that G-d has shown the Jewish people in the Holy Land in our own times are a powerful reminder of its importance and centrality to the entire nation. ExpandMore
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Rare Scenes
Disc: 159 / Program: 636 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 7 Cheshvan, 5743 • October 24, 1982
The Rebbe is seen speaking to photographer Levi Freidin outside his home on President Street. The conversation continues into the car, and ends at the entrance to 770.
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Covenant of Abraham
Disc: 159 / Program: 636 | Eye to Eye
There is no need to persuade a Jew to become circumcised; he surely desires to do so on his own.
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Preventative Medication
Disc: 159 / Program: 636 | My Encounter
As a young man, Mottel Feiglin suffered from painful migraines. On the advice of friends, he decided to ask the Rebbe for a blessing. He expected the blessing, and even advice, but not the prescription. (1971)
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Founded on Faith
Disc: 159 / Program: 635 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5735 • January 22, 1975
In the United States, there is much debate about the separation of government and religion. ExpandMore
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Disc: 159 / Program: 635 | Timeless Moment
Chasidim sing a melody attributed to Rabbi Meir Shlomo Yanovsky, the Rebbe’s maternal grandfather.
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Spiritual Healthcare
Disc: 159 / Program: 635 | Eye to Eye
May you have a speedy discharge from the hospital, but as long as you are there, use your time to influence those around you to do good.
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Message for the World
Disc: 159 / Program: 635 | My Encounter
Ari Goldman, then a reporter for The New York Times, recalls several encounters that he shared with the Rebbe, as well as an unexpected telephone call shortly after one particular visit. (Late 1980s)
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“Fill the Earth and Subdue It”
Disc: 159 / Program: 634 | Talk
Event Date: 11 Nissan, 5744 • April 13, 1984
The first commandment in the Torah is to have children. When G-d created Adam and Eve, He blessed them and said: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the sky and over all the beasts that tread upon the earth.” ExpandMore
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Farewell to Guests
Disc: 159 / Program: 634 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 29 Elul, 5747 • September 23, 1987
The Rebbe bids farewell to guests who arrived for the month of Tishrei, watching them depart from the steps of 770.
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Name Play
Disc: 159 / Program: 634 | Eye to Eye
Your name Noach means “comfort.” May your activities proceed in similar manner.
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Seizing the Moment
Disc: 159 / Program: 634 | My Encounter
Rabbi Mayer Plotkin recalls the unusual scene that unfolded as he approached the Rebbe to request a blessing for an ailing acquaintance the night after Simchas Torah, as the Rebbe was distributing wine. (1971)
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