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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

Living Torah Archives

Living Torah Archives

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The Meaning of Sacrifice - Part 2
Disc: 155 / Program: 620 | Talk
Event Date: 13 Tammuz, 5732 • June 25, 1972
As Jews, we’re painfully familiar with the term “self sacrifice”. Throughout the course of our history, so many Jews have chosen to give up their lives for Judaism to endure. But serving G-d with self sacrifice need not be limited to such dire circumstances. Each of us are face regularly with tests of character and attitude, and it’s up to us to rise to the challenge and overcome it. So next time you need to choose between helping yourself or those around you, have some self sacrifice and serve the greater good. ExpandMore
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Niggun - Yehi Ratzon
Disc: 155 / Program: 620 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 12 Tammuz, 5745 • July 01, 1985
The Rebbe asks Rabbi Mordechai Dov Teleshevsky to lead the Chassidim in singing the prayer for the Temple to be rebuilt - speedily in our times
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Not only in Russia
Disc: 155 / Program: 620 | Eye to Eye
May God grant you good tidings to report from every place you visit. If Judaism can flourishing under oppression in the USSR, how much more so should it flourish here. Those who are here; who don’t face all these challenges, should hear it from you.
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Seeing Potential
Disc: 155 / Program: 620 | My Encounter
As a young man, Rabbi Fishel Jacobs came with his mother for a private audience with the Rebbe. In his innocence, he brought along a tape recorder to record the meeting. Listening to the recording brings back powerful memories of the Rebbe’s care and concern for his personal life - both spiritually and materially. (1981)
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The Meaning of Sacrifice - Part 1
Disc: 155 / Program: 619 | Talk
Event Date: 13 Tammuz, 5732 • June 25, 1972
In Sefer Hasichos 5702, the Previous Rebbe relates some of the struggle that Chassidim endured in the Soviet Union. Warned against practicing Judaism under threat of danger to their lives, the Previous Rebbe gathered his closest Chassidim and made a pact. They swore not to be deterred from their mission, in spreading and promoting a life of Torah. ExpandMore
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Niggun - Mi Armia
Disc: 155 / Program: 619 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 24 Tishrei, 5748 • October 17, 1987
Cantor Berel Tzatzkis leads Chassidim as they sing a Russian Niggun about the dedication of Chassidim to follow the Rebbe in battling for the furtherance of Judaism.
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A Jew in Secret
Disc: 155 / Program: 619 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 14 Tevet, 5744 • December 20, 1983
Those trapped in the Soviet Union face a tremendous test. They have been in a predicament in which there was never a calm moment in matters of Judaism, yet they have never been deterred from their commitment to Judaism.
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Opening the Doors
Disc: 155 / Program: 619 | My Encounter
Sometime during the sixties, as president of Young Israel, Rabbi David Hill reached out to the Rebbe, requesting to get involved with the Rebbe’s clandestine underground activities in the Soviet Union. After promising to maintain secrecy and informing the Rebbe of his plans, the Rebbe agreed to give him some contacts to work with. (1960's)
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A Leader Defined
Disc: 155 / Program: 618 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5722 • January 15, 1962
More than just the period of time in which he lived, each generation is essentially intertwined with, even defined by, its spiritual leader. This ccentuates the tremendous responsibility of those who merited to live in the same generation as a Rebbe. This extends also, to those who did not see him during his lifetime, or were born after his passing. If one studies his Torah teachings, and fulfills his directives, then he is bound to the Rebbe, and all that he represents. And this bond must transcend merely being connected; it should define and express his entire identity. ExpandMore
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The Shachris Prayers
Disc: 155 / Program: 618 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 6 Adar I, 5752 • February 10, 1992
Scenes from the morning prayers with the Rebbe in 770, in 1992
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Planting the Seed
Disc: 155 / Program: 618 | Eye to Eye
If you'll try to begin to go in the right direction, it will have a big effect on your children. If they’ll see that you have changed, it will encourage them to reconsider their life ahead of them. They are still in the stage of preparing for independent life, and like with a seed, every small change in their attitude now, can make a tremendous impact in their life ahead. (1972)
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Matters of the Heart
Disc: 155 / Program: 618 | My Encounter
In 1991, Naftoli Feldman was confined to the hospital suffering from cardiovascular issues. As each treatment that he tried failed to bring positive results, he asked his wife to go to the Rebbe to seek a blessing. The Rebbe’s advice, and his subsequent care and attention, is something that left an indelible impression. (1991)
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The Right Approach
Disc: 155 / Program: 617 | Talk
Event Date: 10 Shevat, 5716 • January 23, 1956
Through a welcoming and uplifting approach, a Rebbe is able to kindle one’s soul, and bring him closer to God. This ability to uplift, to inspire confidence and potential, doesn’t disappear with a Tzaddik’s passing. After his passing, as during his lifetime, he’s able to affect and inspire the Jewish nation, injecting joy and commitment in their service of the Eternal. ExpandMore
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The Best Thank You
Disc: 155 / Program: 617 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 4 Tishrei, 5747 • October 07, 1986
The best way to repay me, is to raise your children in the same spirit. May you have much good Nachas from your children, not in the same manner, but in an even greater way.
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Praying for His People
Disc: 155 / Program: 617 | My Encounter
Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Krinsky served in various positions of Chabad's administrative staff since 1954, and as a personal secretary and press director for the Rebbe. In this presentation, he recalls some of the most memorable moments and details of when the Rebbe would visit the gravesite of his father-in-law and Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson.
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Resting At Attention
Disc: 154 / Program: 616 | Talk
Event Date: 13 Sivan, 5747 • June 10, 1987
Although he may not feel it, every journey in a Jew’s life is ordained by his Creator and part of his Godly mission. ExpandMore
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Farewell Audience
Disc: 154 / Program: 616 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 13 Sivan, 5747 • June 10, 1987
A collection of scenes from a farewell audience for departing guests who had visited the Rebbe for Shavuos.
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Match Made in Heaven
Disc: 154 / Program: 616 | My Encounter
On the advice of her father, Chaya Cohen would often turn to the Rebbe for advice and guidance in her life. When the Rebbe advised her to start visiting friends for Shabbos meals, she knew something good would follow. (1970)
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Make It Your Own
Disc: 154 / Program: 615 | Talk
Event Date: 11 Nissan, 5733 • April 13, 1973
The Kabbalah states that when the sages of the Talmud ruled on a matter of law, it was a reflection of how the law was applied in the upper realms. ExpandMore
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Disc: 154 / Program: 615 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 30 Sivan, 5748 • June 15, 1988
The graduating class of Beth Rivkah High School receive a blessing from the Rebbe for a healthy summer and continued success in their endeavours.
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