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An archive of the "Living Torah," the weekly video magazine featuring the Rebbe's application of Torah to timely events and issues.

Living Torah Archives

Living Torah Archives

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The City of Oneness
Disc: 166 / Program: 663 | Talk
Event Date: 16 Adar, 5747 • March 17, 1987
From all the cities of the world, Jerusalem was chosen as the capital of the Land of Israel. The Talmud relates, that when Jews would arrive in Jerusalem, they all “became united as one.” Indeed, in Psalms, it is called “the city in which all are joined together.” And as we pray today for our true return to Jerusalem the arrival of Moshiach, forever, Jerusalem remains important and meaningful, uniting each and every Jew, man, woman, and child. ExpandMore
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Coins for Charity
Disc: 166 / Program: 663 | Timeless Moment
Vintage footage of the Rebbe distributing coins to be given to charity on his way into the Synagogue (Sivan, 5740 - May, 1980).
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G-d’s Capital
Disc: 166 / Program: 663 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 20 Tevet, 5751 • January 06, 1991
A conversation during the Gulf War: Your daughter studying in Jerusalem is in G-d’s capital and shouldn’t even consider leaving. This is true for all Jews since we’ll all be going there soon with Moshiach.
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One Short Telegram
Disc: 166 / Program: 663 | My Encounter
In 1967, Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz was part of a delegation of students sent by the Rebbe to revitalize the Toras Emes Yeshiva in Jerusalem. The group was in Israel on the cusp of the Six Day War. As the war drums were being beaten across the Arab world, many American Yeshiva students were leaving Israel in fear. After asking the Rebbe whether to stay or leave, the response that they got would make headlines in the Israeli Press and boost the morale of the country ahead of the war.
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Counting Up
Disc: 166 / Program: 662 | Talk
Event Date: 29 Iyar, 5747 • May 28, 1987
When the Jews were redeemed from Egypt, they eagerly counted down the days until the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Today as well, we count the days and weeks from Passover as we gear up to receive the Torah anew on Shavuos. ExpandMore
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Lag B’Omer Parade (1987)
Disc: 166 / Program: 662 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 18 Iyar, 5747 • May 17, 1987
Highlights from the Lag B’Omer Parade of 1987.
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Day or Rabbi Shimon
Disc: 166 / Program: 662 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 29 Kislev, 5751 • December 16, 1990
May the merit of Rabbi Shimon whose Yahrtzeit we celebrate on Lag B’Omer bring you success.
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Lag B’omer Mint
Disc: 166 / Program: 662 | My Encounter
Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Krinsky served in various positions of Chabad’s administrative staff and as a personal secretary to the Rebbe. In 1990, just days before the grand Lag B’Omer parade, the Rebbe asked him about the possibility of minting a batch of special coins commemorating the event. A seemingly impossible task to pull off in such short time, Rabbi Krinsky all but gave up. But after hearing how the Rebbe blamed himself for the last minute notice, he concluded that failure wasn’t an option. The coins were ready in time…
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The Common Thread
Disc: 166 / Program: 661 | Talk
Event Date: 29 Elul, 5736 • September 24, 1976
Through the years of the Rebbe’s leadership, he launched a total of ten campaigns which encouraged and promoted the observance of various commandments. Each campaign had a clear and obvious mission, yet the Campaign of Ahavas Yisrael -- love of one’s fellow, had not been clearly defined. Here the Rebbe explains why.
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Nigun - Yemin Hashem
Disc: 166 / Program: 661 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 13 Nissan, 5745 • April 04, 1985
The Rebbe encourages chasidim as they sing a nigun of the third Rebbe of Chabad, the Tzemach Tzedek, during a farbrengen marking his passing.
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Second Passover
Disc: 166 / Program: 661 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 14 Iyar, 5743 • April 27, 1983
During a visit from the Nadvorner Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Yisachar Ber Rosenbaum, the Rebbe discusses “Pesach Sheni” and the unique status of the commandments: that they prepare us for the arrival of Moshiach.
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The Teacher from Tekumah
Disc: 166 / Program: 661 | My Encounter
Henny Karniel is a veteran educator living in Kfar Chabad, Israel. In 1975, as she was about to return to work after taking time off on maternity leave, she was approached with a particularly challenging job offer. After the Rebbe encouraged her to go ahead, she accepted the position. She saw immediate results, but it was only many years later that she found out what a big difference her efforts had made.
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How One Little Candle Changed a Family
Disc: 165 / Program: 660 | Talk
Event Date: 6 Tishrei, 5736 • September 11, 1975
A girl spoke in a non-religious school in Israel about the Mitzvah of Shabbos candles. She taught them the blessings, and gave them candles and candlesticks to take home. ExpandMore
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Disc: 165 / Program: 660 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 25 Nissan, 5745 • April 16, 1985
In a rare film, the Rebbe holds a private conversation with Rabbi Binyomin Gorodetski at the conclusion of a public audience. Rabbi Gorodetsky served as a Chabad emissary in Europe and North Africa for over four decades.
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Lighting the Shabbos
Disc: 165 / Program: 660 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 24 Adar, 5751 • March 10, 1991
Although your wedding will take place after Shabbos, you should nevertheless begin lighting one candle this Friday. Then next Friday you can light two candles, for you and for your new husband.
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Three More Lights
Disc: 165 / Program: 660 | My Encounter
Yehudah Clapman recalls arranging a private audience with the Rebbe for his cousins. After asking the girls in the family to light their own Shabbos candle, the Rebbe offered them a special gift to help them get started. When they tried to thank the Rebbe as they left, it was the Rebbe who thanked them instead.
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Focus on Growth
Disc: 165 / Program: 659 | Talk
Event Date: 18 Nissan, 5741 • April 22, 1981
On the sixteenth of Nissan, the second day of Passover, we begin counting down the days until the festival of Shavuos, a practice with origins in the Jewish people’s redemption from slavery. As soon they left Egypt, the Jews began to eagerly count down the days until G-d would give them the Torah at Sinai. ExpandMore
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Farewell Audience
Disc: 165 / Program: 659 | Timeless Moment
Event Date: 24 Nissan, 5743 • April 07, 1983
Scenes from a public audience for guests who had come to spend Passover with the Rebbe
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To Learn and to Serve
Disc: 165 / Program: 659 | Eye to Eye
Event Date: 2 Shevat, 5750 • January 28, 1990
Your son’s primary focus now is to study Torah – at this stage, even involvement in activities to benefit the good of the community are a distraction.
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Ask Again
Disc: 165 / Program: 659 | My Encounter
Winnie Gourarie remembers the story of when her husband got sick with appendicitis. Their uncle, Zalman Gurarie went to the Rebbe to ask for some urgent counsel. It took lots of faith to carry through with the Rebbe’s advice before they found out the real diagnosis. (1950's)
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