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Michtavim Klaliim

Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Send Us Your Letters Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Increasing in Physical and Spiritual Charity
18th of Elul, 5710 [1950]
"Man possesses a body and а soul. And just as there is material poverty (in food, clothing and shelter), so there is spiritual poverty, where the deficiency is in spiritual things..."
When Do We Celebrate the New Year?
First Day of Selichoth 5713 [1953]
It is significant that the anniversary of the Creation is not celebrated on the first day of Creation, but on the sixth, the day when Man was created.
Conquering Oneself and the World
25th of Elul, 5719 [1959]
Needless to say, before a man sets out to conquer the world, he must first conquer himself, through the subjugation of the "earthly" and "beastly" in his own nature...
Pre–Rosh Hashanah 5726 [1965]
Every day we have the Sabbatical elements—prayer, Torah study, mitzvot—and the mundane aspects. Are these two elements of the day mutually exclusive?
In The Days of Selichot, 5728 [1968]
Trends towards ideological independence can even become an asset in one’s submission to G-d, as it will have a more profound and lasting impact.
6th of Tishrei, 5740 [1979]
6th of Tishrei, 5740 [1979]
A Rosh Hashanah Message: Living the Sabbatical Life
18th of Elul, 5739 [1979]
Although Shemittah is primarily connected with the holiness of the land of Israel, where the laws of Shemittah are in force, it has been explained on many occasions that a Jew, wherever he is, is expected in his everyday life, especially in his spiritual life, to transform his environment—his home as well as his surroundings—into a (spiritual) “Land of Israel.”
A Tishrei Message: Belief in G-d
Between Yom Kippur and Succos, 5741 [1980]
Chol-hamo’ed Succos, 5741 [1980]
Rosh Chodesh Nissan, 5744 [1984]
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