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The Early Years
Rabbi Asher Heber
Paris, 1930s
Selections from The Early Years - Volume III

Rabbi Asher Heber
Paris, 1930s
The Heber family moved to Paris in the 1930’s. Rabbi Asher Heber recalls some of his father’s memories of the Rebbe in Paris then.

Rabbi Asher Heber
Reb Yankel and Baila Lax
Rivkah Marelus
Rabbi Yoel Reitzer
Efraim Steimetz
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Maru HvdHts., IL February 16, 2011

Regarding the Telegraph or telephone.... This is such an interesting problem the Rebbe posed in his video-conference-program or multimedia presetation. What was an Enigma in that War? What is the difference betwee the even, you could say, the designs of these, as Mr. Einstein knew so well, the Germans might have this need, to create a different design atomic bomb? Reply