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Negotiations with a Horse

Negotiations with a Horse


Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Chein (1846–1926), known as the Radatz, was a legendary Lubavitcher chassid, renowned for his scholarship and piety. Every year he’d walk to the town of Lubavitch, where the Lubavitcher rebbes resided and held court for more than a century, to be with the Rebbe for the holiday of Shavuot.

As he aged, the long trek from Chernigov, where he served as the city’s chief rabbi, to Lubavitch became increasingly difficult, forcing him to make his trip to Lubavitch a biennial event.

His children suggested that they hire a horse and buggy to take him to Lubavitch, which would allow him to continue his annual tradition.

The elderly chassid refused the offer.

“When I will arrive to the upper worlds after the age of one hundred and twenty,” he explained, referring to the time of his demise, “I do not want to waste my time on discussions and debates with the horses.

“If they assist me in my travel to Lubavitch, they will demand part of my reward for going there.

“In truth, I can defeat the horses in debate. But, in a world of divine splendor, why should I waste my time debating horses?”

And the moral of the story:

We, too, have a “horse,” the animal within, to contend with. This internal animal is driven by selfish impulses, and resists acts of selflessness and G‑dliness.

When faced with an opportunity to do a good deed, such as demonstrating love for a fellow or giving charity, there is no place for negotiations and debates with a horse regarding the fulfillment of a divine precept.

It is a waste of time.1


From a talk of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, on 18 Elul 5711.

Dovid Zaklikowski is a freelance journalist living in Brooklyn. Dovid and his wife Chana Raizel are the proud parents of four: Motti, Meir, Shaina & Moshe Binyomin.
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Ruth housman Marshfield, Ma June 18, 2011

Conversations with horses I would say Nay (neigh) to this. anyone who spends time with horses will realize they are worth the time, attnetion and YES love!

I get really weary of articles that demean the animal soul and those of us who take the time to love and honor this very important part of Creation itself.

Anyone who has cared for an animal will learn great and greater lessons in love, and any spiritual person is missing something about life itself, about all Creation in feeling time ismso wasted in caring for and spending time with animals.

in this case they were a form of transport. I can say I am transported by my animals, two rescue dogs and a rescue cat. I love them. I learn from them deep enduring lessons.

I saved the life of a seagull once and would risk it no dobt to save an animal from an oncoming car.

what is sacred is just this. Reply

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