Every person who has developed a relationship with the Rebbe has his own way of talking about him. But every person also realizes that his viewpoint is only a limited one and that there is something much greater about the Rebbe that he cannot describe. Nevertheless, by seeing a variety of these personal perspectives, it is possible to develop a heightened sensitivity to what that greater dimension is.

It is our feeling that stories express this best. Stories are alive. In contrast to a biography, which may often represent an academic perspective on a person’s life, in stories his responses to the people and the circumstances he encounters breathe with vitality. Besides, biographies come with explicit or implied conclusions; stories quietly allow the reader to draw his own.

Of Rebbes and Stories Chapter One: Enhancing Achievment Chapter Two: The Concerns of This World Chapter Three: Borrowed Resources Chapter Four: Encouraging Jewish Advancement Chapter Five: With Sensitivity, Purpose, and Vitality Chapter Six: To Be A Rebbe Chapter Seven: Yechidus Chapter Eight: Farbrengen Chapter Nine: A Dollar for Tzedaka - Fountain of Blessing Chapter Ten: A Great Treasure Chapter Eleven: The Quality of Mercy Chapter Twelve: Nerve Center for the World Buy This Book Online