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The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker


A group of high-school students once came to see the Rebbe. The students had each prepared a question, which they posed to the Rebbe in the course of the audience.

Toward the end of the meeting, after the Rebbe had answered their queries on various issues, one student asked:

“I have heard it said that the Rebbe has the power to work miracles. Is this true? Do you perform supernatural feats?”

The Rebbe replied: “The ability to work miracles is not confined to a select group of individuals, but is within reach of each and every one of us. We each possess a soul that is a spark of G‑dliness. So we each have the power to transcend the limitations imposed upon us by our physical natures, no matter how formidable they may seem.

“To demonstrate this to you,” said the Rebbe, “I will now perform a miracle.”

Smiling at the startled young faces around his desk, the Rebbe continued: “Each and every individual in this room will now resolve to improve himself in one specific area. You will each choose an improvement that you recognize as necessary, but until now have perceived as being beyond your power to achieve. Nevertheless, you will succeed, proving to yourselves that the soul indeed has the power to overcome the natural ‘reality’ . . .”

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Bruno Karys April 14, 2017

God bless the spirit of the Rebbe, wherever he is. Reply

Jaclyn Jerusalem November 19, 2016

The Miracle Worker I have never spoken a word of hebrew. Recently were I live in an assisted living place were hebrew is spoken I,was able to.Do my Friday night meal in hebrew for me this is a miracle. Reply

Nicholas Handforth , Cheshire April 6, 2011

The Miracle I always say . . If you want to see an AMAZING Miracle take a look in the mirror! Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma April 5, 2011

the maker of miracles It seems that everywhere we look there is a miracle. I hold a tiny parchment seed in my hand, plant it, water it, give it enough sun, and it becomes a beautiful plant, perhaps flowers.I kiss that flower. It is, incomparably perfect.

Birth is the miracle of miracles, and every day we do rebirth, in greeting the promise of a new day, as dawn rises, and there is such a splash of color in the skies. A painting. A painting that is always changing, never quite, the same.

So life is the miracle, to be here at all, to be conscious, to feel, to touch the earth, to join and enjoin, to hug and to hold.

As we are gifted this continuous miracle so can we too, produce miracles, by creating, by writing poetry, plays, painting, dancing, teaching, whatever we choose, a mirroring of all that is inside and without, in myriad ways. And so the creator of miracles gives us the ability to create, our own miracles, and that too, And that too!

This symphony has a conductor and we play. O how we play! Reply

Raphael Sorkin Foster City, ca, USA January 25, 2010

'the Miracle" I wish I knew the rest of that story. I never got a chance to see the Rebbe. It would probably have been one of the best days of my life to meet him and talk to him. I have pictures of him hanging in my every room, and I pretend that I knew him before, and we have talked. I do believe he was a miracle worker because he helped so many people just by listening and and wanting to help them with all his heart. I do believe in the power of people that want to do something with all their heart with the help of G-D. I am in Chinese medicine, and I never believed that it's the needles or the herbs that help the people, I always believed that if I truly want to help someone, I help them with all my heart and with the presence of G-D in me. I always pray before healing people, and that makes a big difference. Reply

Anonymous montreal, canada January 7, 2007

beautiful story. very inspiring! Reply

Anonymous August 11, 2004

A few days ago I read this story. Did the Rebbe say "I will now perform a miracle" to the group of high school students only? - No.

He said it to me.

In the days that have passed since - though they didn't feel like mere days - I've told the Rebbe that I'm not one of those high school students.....that I can't even imagine this improvement.....I 'reminded him' that I'm not even Jewish - but you know, none of that mattered.

He said it to me.

This afternoon I made my first step -probably small to others, huge to me - toward changing the 'impossible.'