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Do we truly matter? Would the world be any different if any one of us had not been born? But we were born. Think of it: G‑d performed the amazing miracle of birth just so each one of us would be here right now.

This is why the Rebbe believed so passionately in the power of action.

The Rebbe would often point out: The very fact that you are here, in this place, at this time and with these opportunities available to you, means that there is something to be done — something that only you can do, something of utmost importance to G‑d.

Think of it. And then do it.

Your Personal Mission Statement

Here is one of those "little" things that the Rebbe would urge people to do:

Each morning, right upon awakening, take a moment — the first moment of your new day — to acknowledge G‑d for returning your soul to you.

Say to G‑d:

I offer thanks to You, O living and everlasting king, that you have restored my soul within me; great is your faithfulness.

Think: Once again, as G‑d has done every morning — and indeed every moment — of your life, G‑d has placed a soul within you and make your existence significant. G‑d has put you on earth with a distinct and unique mission: to bring G‑d's presence into your corner of the universe.

Try to make this your first conscious thought of the day, and the first words you speak.

Train yourself to do this every morning, and your entire life will gain a new, sharper focus.

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How one man in Brooklyn. N.Y., shattered misconceptions and predispositions about Judaism—and forever changed the world.
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Sam Castro Valley, CA June 15, 2009

Action I do the best I can even when I encounter people who have no idea or so it seems to me of courtesy, honesty, integrity. Reply

Lola Beverly Hills, CA December 21, 2007

Adding a mitzvah Everything you do is beautiful (I myself have trouble with doing things with kavanah!). What you might consider are actions that involve elevating others - visiting nursing homes, volunteering for a Jewish charity, etc. Give out candles (VERY difficult but rewarding to get that one person who takes them), ask men to stop at a Chabad and wrap tefillin in the merit of a special event. Actions speak volumes to HaShem and the world will benefit from your actions. Reply

Ann Arlosoroff Vise Nunes Houston, Texas June 18, 2007

adding a mitzvah I already keep kosher. I already say Modah Ani. I already say, Hashem neshamah shenatata bi, etc. And Shma. And brocha before eating. And eat with kvannah to raise the soul of the animal or plant, and to unite haShem with Shkhinah, and to raise the holy sparks.

What can I add? Reply

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