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One of the signs cited by the Talmud as an indication of the imminent coming of the Messiah, is a generation notorious for its brazenness and audacity: "Chutzpah will increase... youths will shame their elders.. a son will disgrace his father, a daughter will rebel against her mother..."

Since these signs have all been fulfilled, and more then fulfilled, and still the redemption has not yet come, I suggest that we make positive use of the chutzpah with which our generation has been blessed. Let us boldly demand of G‑d, in no uncertain terms, that since all deadlines for the redemption have come and gone, He is to immediately send the redeemer. G‑d will certainly be pleased by our "audacity" and bring the long-awaited era of universal peace and divine perfection to the world.

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Anonymous Bradenton July 9, 2013

we are a part of 'the Holy One' Chutzpah is the evidence of that which has no proven existence and stuns the forked tongue'd ones into submission while equally shocking the 'devoted' to more good work that must be done NOW.

We remain in de Light with evidencing our Chutzpah and by putting even G-d above you - you are diminished and you diminish that which cannot be contained by you but for your Chutzpah.

Get some! Reply

David Levant Emerson, N.J. June 8, 2012

The Promised Messiah In my humility,I would say have patience.The Messiah,when he does arrive,will have to have answers to a host of questions-including yours.It will not be an easy task for him,to redeem and liberate a faith nearly 6000 years old and have universal appeal not only for the Jewish people but for the rest of the world as well.The greatest compromise between G-D and humanity will come with him,and the long awaited era will usher in a time of world peace.Perfection,I'm not sure,but if it is not it will be as close to perfection as possible.That's all,thank you for your time. Reply

Anonymous May 28, 2009

I agree with Jerry. Reply

Mrs. P. Levin April 5, 2009

If you're a mother or father of a teen: The Rebbe always emphasised the benefits of positivity rather than being negative in education. Teenagers blossom if they are loved unconditionally, praised and appreciated for their unique individuality. Parents know this on the rational level, but practically they do not behave likewise. In times of stress, anger and tiredness parents forget the daily emotional needs of their child and teenager. It's natural and they are not blamed.
Teenagers hate when their parents are too busy, but expect obedience. Hence Chutzpah. Teenagers hate doing chores if they know that mom will criticise every small detail. Hence Chutzpah. Teenagers detest when their parents pinpoint flaws in their child of which they themselves are guilty. Hence Chutzpah.
When you think about your child's chutzpah, think about your and your spouse's behaviour to your teenager first. Often, you can find the answer to your teenagers difficulty in your heart.
"kamayim hapanim el panim ken lev ha'adam le'adam" ("Like water reflects faces, so too, hearts of people"). Reply

Milky Way March 2, 2009

What is Demand? You must understand "demand" in the context of the Rebbe's Torah Lecture where it was said. The Chofetz Chaim was quoted, who explains that halachically, if a day-worker, at the end of the day, doesn't demand his rightful wages, then the employer doesn't need to pay up immediately. Pay up he must, but not immediately--unless it was stipulated ahead of time, or "demanded" at the end of the workday.

Same with us. We've been working for G-d for a few thousand years. Moshiach's arrival is a foregone conclusion, it was promised. What's not known is the exact date of arrival...When we demand our "rightful wages" (i.e. the promised outcome of this work) , this is exactly what the Employer wishes. He WANTS to pay up immediately...but won't force us to accept the wages...only when we deeply ask for it ("demand") will we be vessels for the blessings of redemption. Reply

Jerry Krasnow Manchester, CT February 24, 2009

Response to Chutzpah responses Thank you for your views: One takes the path of "I am mad at this mess on earth and G-d" get with it send Mosiach now. Another sees us as co-creators with G-d and through our actions bring upon a Messianic era. The third repeats the teachings given with certainty and quotes texts to support the position - a very Jewish method. None persuade me that "Demanding" of G-d is appropriate.

Man can want, sin, do mitzvot, creates, destroy and demand of each other. Yet it is G-d that Demands of us. We call his demands Mitzvot - commandments. Do we give G-d Commandments to obey? Nonsense. We may long for this power but it is not possible, unless G-d grants it.

Abraham and Moses seek justice and mercy from G-d to save life (Sodom - similar spelling to Saddam- and for the sinning Jews before the golden calf). Yet they do not Demand. They question, and plead, even offering themselves to save others.

"Know before whom you stand" means humility, not chutzpah! Reply

Rabbi Yosef Silverman Pittsburgh, PA February 22, 2009

To both Chutzpah posts While you are correct in viewing G-d as infinitely beyond mortals and their demands, you are limiting G-d.
G-d desired that finite human beings would be instrumental in carrying out His plan of making a dwelling in the lowest of all realms. Our actions, desires and attitudes do matter to G-d. That is the basis of prayer, "yehi ratzon, may it be His Will," We have the power to change G-ds will because G-d gave us that power. On Pesach we all say the words that the Jews cried out and G-d heard the cry.
We have to realize the responsibility and power that G-d gave us and use everything in our power to bring the Geulah. G-d doesn't want us to politely wait. We should have some Chutzpah. Reply

Anonymous Naples, FL September 17, 2008

And such Chutzpah is??? Ultimately, audacity is what is sought of us; the ability to challenge a worldview, to lay down before our our elders a new path to rightenous, a new path for those that antecede us, a new path to follow, a new spiritual path which defines us all.

The Holy One has figured all of these variables in the ultimate process; so do we all fall within its proscriptions.

Act? It is within ourselves. We command our actions, and may we all fall within those sacred boundaries. Reply

Spinning in Infinity July 28, 2008

Chutzpadick Who are you to insult the Holy One by implying he could be sensitive to mortals' demands?! Chutzpah? You've got it in spades. The HO takes such demands with bemused grains of Dead Sea Salt. HO is not hurtable. And HO knows Redeemer is due for a visit to our planet. How dare you insult HO by presuming he shouldn't be demanded to act, the time is high for some demands! By not demanding, you assume he's content to not be reminded and thus fall down on the job. Reply

Jerry Krasnow July 24, 2008

Such Chutzpah Who are we to demand anything of the Holy One? Such Chutzpah! Reply

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