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Body & Soul

Body & Soul


The human being is a composite of body and soul. Consequently, all our affairs and activities likewise contain elements of both body and soul—the material and the spiritual.

One's mundane and routine activities are generally motivated by material and physical gain. Yet the "soul" within all these mundane affairs calls out for recognition—for the infusion of these ordinary affairs with an awareness of greater objectives and a higher purpose. The giving of charity, and the support of Torah education for Jewish children—these are the spiritual incentives that ought to motivate one in his daily activities.

Each one of us is a microcosm of all Creation. The achievement of harmony between one's soul and one's material life, is the achievement of harmony between the heaven and earth.

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doreet Eugene OR October 22, 2013

body and soul I have always had a difficult time staying in the physical world because I was so in communication with the spiritual, or metaphysical plane. I never had hallucinations or visions; I just was too aware of the underlying spiritual side of life.

I was always "the odd one"who spent time,reading, thinking,,trying to understand the physical world, and why everyone ignored the quiet inside, that connects us to God.So I was out of place & everyone was lost in "worldly" pursuits. I try to do deeds of loving kindness"that's what God says to do. It is not easy. Often it seems people do not want to be helped. I'm not kidding. The human system is not responsive to kindness,often. I do try kindnesses, but this world needs 3 billions tons of kindness, to fix it. Much more than what people like me can do. Plus I have to hide my spiritual side often because most people can't handle spiritual awareness, It scares them.
Anyone understand this? Reply

M. Goldstein Palatine, IL December 11, 2009

Spirit Soul & Body The human being is made of Body, Soul and Spirit. We know that the Body is flesh. The Soul is our mind/intellect, free will choice etc. Most of humanity operates at this level. Man can be evil, but can also be very moral, very intelligent, very sincere. But that does not mean that he has a relationship with G-d. The Spirit part is the part of man that was created in G-d’s image. We are able to commune with G-d and understand spiritual things with the Spirit. The Spirit died on the day that Adam and Eve choose to separate from G-d through disobedience (Genesis 2:17). Our Spirits have to be restored/reborn in order to have a relationship with The Most High God once again. He loves us and wants a relationship with us. Once you have this, nothing else compares. Those who seek Him will find Him. Reply

Morris Los Angeles, CA April 23, 2008

body&soul The soul is part of G-d!
Because of that, nobody can flourish without the daily contact with G-d. Reply

chaya Tarzana, ca. June 27, 2007

That is a beautiful comment. Bezrat HaShem all Jewish women will come to Cherish this beautiful mitzvah!! Reply

sherre huntsville, al October 24, 2006

jewish blood in my veins not raised a jew I felt like something has been missing in my spiritual life until I started lighting the candles on friday at the appointed times it gives me so much peace like going home.... Reply

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