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A venerated professor once left the Rebbe's room after hours of deep discussion and all but accosted a group of Lubavitch Chassidim.

"Thieves!" he cried.

Shaken, the Chassidim politely inquired from the distinguished gentleman what exactly it was that they stole from him.

"The Rebbe!" said the man. "What right had you to make him your Rebbe? Such a man should belong to everyone, to the entire world!"

This site was built with that story in mind. Yes, he's our Rebbe, but we want him to be your Rebbe, too. We want you, too, to be touched by his love and enriched by his wisdom. We want you, too, to behold his vision of a world at peace with itself and its Creator.

Browse through our site. Familiarize yourself with the Rebbe's life, study his teachings. Then get in touch with your local Chabad-Lubavitch representative to continue your journey.

To find out about a Chabad-Lubavitch center in your local community go here.

A Chabad House is a Jewish community center, serving the needs of the entire Jewish community; offering Torah classes, synagogue services, and assistance with Jewish education and practice. Find a Chabad Center near you!
Whether you're looking for a Talmud or Kabbalah class, a Passover seder or a Purim party, a kids' club meeting, a High Holiday service or a Jewish literacy adult education program, use this handy directory to find events in your area or at any location worldwide.
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Discussion (5)
February 16, 2013
thanks for being the example.
the lost sons return to their roots
el salvador
February 24, 2009
I enjoyed your site.
Pat Williams
Newton Centre, MA United States
December 3, 2007
The Rebbe and Chabad
I just finished reading the biography of the rebbe "navi be-kirbecha" and i learned alot about the rebbe and his contribution to the jewish world and the whole world.
I visited many Chabad houses abroad and always welcomed by those great people.
Rosh-Haayin, Israel
October 29, 2006
Closer to G-d.
For humble me, now after much deliberation, I confess: it is clear that the extraordinary wisdom, insight and knowledge innately borne in the Rebbe is an immeasurable and divine perennial gift, for all mankind's benefit. If we should yield, listen and obey, light will shine from within our hearts, words will flow like heavenly music from our lips and peace will reign eternally. amen.
mark alcock
Durban, SA
September 20, 2006
I'm very proud of the Chabad movement here in the U.S. I thank the REBBE for all that he has done for our people all over the world. I have recently started putting on t'filin. Chabad has made me a better person.


Roman Shnayderman
Roman Shnayderman
Brooklyn, NY
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