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A Spiritual Roadmap for Life


The Rebbe was a scholar, philosopher and mystic of the highest order, standing in direct line of receivership of the 4,000 year-old wisdom of Torah, handed down from prophet to teacher, from rabbi to rebbe, from the days of Abraham and Moses.

The Rebbe's body of teaching embraces the entire spectrum of Torah, from the deepest secrets of Kabbalah to practical counsel in everyday living. It's all there: the profundity of the Talmud, the music of Psalms, the passion of Chassidism. We cannot do it justice on these pages; we can only offer the merest of samplings in the following areas:

Childhood. Marriage. Aging. Jewish identity. Atomic power. Disability. Good and Evil. Sleep. Death. Individuality... The Rebbe always has a fresh angle, and often he redefines the concept entirely
Samplings of the Rebbe's philosophy of Torah and Chassidism
A universal application of the Rebbe's program for life
A journey into the mystic soul of creation
Transcripts and recollections of conversations with the Rebbe in yechidut (private audience)
Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
A collection of the Rebbe's voluminous personal and public correspondence
Selected transcripts of the Rebbe's talks
Studies in the Rebbe's outlook and approach on various issues
The Rebbe Relates
Stories and anecdotes that the Rebbe related at public gatherings always attached with a message applicable in our daily life
The Rebbe's Notebook
The "Reshimot"
Three notebooks of notes by the Rebbe, of righteous memory, came to light about a month after his passing, when they were discovered in a drawer in his room. The entries in these journals date between the years 1928, the year of the Rebbe's marriage, and 1950. Throughout these the Rebbe kept these notebooks with him at all times, jotting down the scholarly and sublime products of his phenomenal mind also in the most precarious of circumstances.