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Hayom Yom: From Day To Day …"its every day is indeed a day." A treasure of aphorisms and customs for every day of the year.

Hayom Yom

Hayom Yom


In the winter of 1942, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersohn, of righteous memory, gave his son-in-law, the future Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, the task of compiling an anthology of Chasidic aphorisms and customs arranged according to the days of the year.

small in format…but bursting with pearls and diamonds of choicest quality.

The calendar was entitled Hayom Yom. In describing this work Rabbi Yosef Yirzchak wrote: …"A book that is small in format…but bursting with pearls and diamonds of choicest quailty." "A splendid palace of Chasidism." True to these words, Hayom Yom has become a beloved classic work and a source of daily spiritual sustenance.

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Publisher's Foreword Bereishis Noach Lech-Lecha Vayeira Chayei Sarah Toldos Vayeitzei Vayishlach Yud-Tes Kislev Vayeishev Chanukah Mikeitz Vayigash Vayechi Click Full Index Full Index Click Here to Buy This Book Online Kislev 19 -29 Adar I Adar Sheini Menachem Av Tamuz Sivan Iyar Nissan Elul Tishrei Cheshvan Kislev (1-18)
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